SIG Sauer MCX-SPEAR-LT, the new "third generation" MCX rifles – Now also available in 7.62x39

Almost eight years since the platform was introduced, SIG Sauer's MCX evolution doesn't stop: the new third generation, named MCX-SPEAR-LT, is here to demonstrate it. 

Three barrel lengths are available for the SIG MCX-SPEAR-LT: 9” (300 BLK), 11.5” (7.62x39 & 5.56), and 16” (7.62x39 & 5.56).

“The first generation of the MCX platform was designed to be an AR-15 style platform with added modularity. The second generation of the MCX, the MCX Virtus, was purpose-built for rugged durability and brought unprecedented modularity. Now comes the MCX-SPEAR-LT, which incorporates the best of both generations and is the culmination of the latest research, development, and innovation in the MCX platform,” explains Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG Sauer, Inc.

The MCX series was designed from the start to be the “most adaptive, accurate and longest-lasting rifle available”, But what's new with the MCX-SPEAR-LT? 

First, a lighter handguard with attachment screws for additional rigidity and a lightened profile barrel with improved accuracy.

Secondly, the MCX-SPEAR-LT adds the 7.62x39 caliber to the MCX family, that already offers 300BLK and 5.56 NATO chamberings: “Developed with a new latch system the 7.62x39 MCX-SPEAR LT was developed to handle the many varieties of 7.62 caliber ammunition while still maintaining reliability and smooth shooting,” they say at SIG. 

SIG MCX-SPEAR-LT, all the virtues of the VIRTUS

The third generation of the MCX is built off the foundation of the MCX Virtus.

Mechanically, the new rifle uses a short-stroke piston system and unique internal recoil system that eliminates the M4-style buffer tube. 

The 9” pistol version of the SIG MCX-SPEAR-LT in 300 BLK is quite compact.

Among the other features – also familiar from the previous MCX VIRTUS – the fully ambidextrous controls, including the bolt catch and release on the SDI M400-style lower with coyote anodized finish. 

The SIG SDI M400-style fully ambidextrous controls include the bolt catch and release. The lower has a coyote anodized finish.

Cold hammer forged carbon steel barrels are interchangeable and available in 9-inch (300BLK), 11.5-inch (7.62x39 & 5.56), and 16-inch (7.62x39 & 5.56) lengths. 

The SIG QD suppressor-ready flash hider is optimized for SIG SAUER QD suppressors.

The MCX-SPEAR-LT rifles feature a lightened handguard with attachment screws for additional rigidity and a lightened profile barrel with improved accuracy.

The SIG Flatblade Match Trigger guarantees comfort and a crisp release – the MCX-SPEAR-LT will accept AR-15 style triggers too. The push-button folding stock (like the one seen in the CROSS bolt-action rifle) with cheek-rest allows for maximum compactness. The rifle is optics ready

The MCX-SPEAR-LT is available is 300BLK, 556 NATO, 762x39 calibers. Prices in the US start from $2,499.

Video: Introducing the SIG Sauer MCX-SPEAR-LT

To learn more and for full specs please visit the SIG Sauer website.

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