Haenel CR308 HMR semi-automatic rifle: uncompromisingly designed for medium and long ranges in shooting sports

Haenel's CR semi-automatic rifle series has made a name for itself on the market thanks to its outstanding long-range accuracy. This reputation was the impetus for Haenel to develop a new rifle based on the CR platform, especially for sporting use, which further expands the range of applications of the tried and tested system. With the HMR "Marksman" model, which belongs to the so-called AR10 platform in terms of its basic functions, C.G. Haenel has added significant premium features to the successful concept: the rear charging handle previously integrated in the upper receiver has been removed. Instead, the rifle has been redesigned with a charging handle positioned on the left side. This offers the shooter an ergonomic advantage, especially as long-distance shooting is often carried out in a prone position – a position that is supported by the side handle.

The Haenel CR308 HMR from the technically more interesting left-hand side – this is where the charging handle, which on the AR platform is usually located centrally at the rear end of the upper receiver, has been relocated.
Designed for precise but fast stock adjustnents: the AR buttstock, already proven in the Haenel CR series.
In PRS competitions, shooters sometimes have to fire left-handed (depending on how they are positioned).

The relocation of the normally rear-mounted charging handle to the left now creates space for the integration of a new, extended cheek rest in the buttstock already familiar from the CR rifle. This cheek rest can be adjusted in height by up to 22 mm using a knurled nut. In addition, push buttons on both sides allow the height of the recol pad cap to be adjusted by around +/- 30 mm to ensure optimum adaptation to the shooter's posture. The quick adjustment option is often required by "mobile" precision sport shooters who compete in PRS (Precision Rifle Series) competitions. Here the shooting position is changed several times under time pressure, the rifle is placed on or against improvised rests, which means that the stock length has to be adjusted under time pressure.

Haenel CR308 HMR from right
Fully equipped: the Haenel CR308 HMR from the right, here with Haenel silencer, bipod and a Steiner riflescope.
The trigger of the Haenel CR308 HMR has match qualities – trigger pull weight can be adjusted between 1,200 and 2,000 grams and the trigger first stage travel can be set.

The HMR short for "Haenel Marksman Rifle"  is designed for the .308 Winchester caliber and has been specially developed for maximum accuracy and long shooting ranges. The cold-hammer forged barrel is manufactured by Haenel, measures 16.65 inches (423 mm) and has a 1:12 twist rate. The rifle uses the indirect gas-operated system, also developed by Haenel, as in all CR models. A special trigger with match characteristics was designed for sporting competitions, which can be individually adjusted to a pull weight of between 1,200 and 2,000 grams, and the length of the first stage travel can also be modified. A special feature for practitioners: the trigger adjustment screw is safely integrated without any risk of losing it. This new precision trigger is characterised by a clear "wall" and provides the shooter with precise feedback regarding technique and timing when firing.

In addition, the gun is equipped with a trigger safety as well as a firing pin safety, which allows the gun to be loaded when the safety is engaged. The handguard is fitted with NAR and M-Lok mounts for the installation of accessories. An A2 flash hider is fitted to the muzzle as standard.

Haenel CR308 HMR rifle: technical features

  1. Cold-hammer forged Haenel 16.65" barrel (12" twist) with M 15×1 muzzle thread and flash hider with QD silencer mount. Haenel silencers are matched to the adjustable gas block of the HMR.
  2. Handguard with two NAR and two M-Lok rails, removable without tools.
  3. 10-round magazine. Compatible with standard M4 magazines.
  4. The charging handle on the left side also allows shooting while lying down.
  5. Precision trigger with match characteristics. First stage trevel and trigger pull weight are adjustable (1,200 to 2,000 grams).
  6. Haenel AR adjustable buttstock (+/- 8 cm) with tool-free adjustable cheek rest and height-adjustable cap.

Haenel CR308 HMR specs and price

Haenel CR308 HMR
4,698 euro (RRP in Germany)
Haenel CR308 system with left-mounted charging handle


7.62x51 mm (.308 Winchester)

Twist Rate:

1:12 inch

Overall Length:

901 mm - 984 mm (adjustable buttstock)


195 mm (without scope)

Barrel Length:

16.65"/423 mm

Muzzle Flash Hider:
A2 Standard with QD silencer mount


Match two-stage trigger, adjusta ble pull weight (1,200 to 2,000 gr.), adjustable first stage travel

Magazine Capacity:

10 rounds (M4 magazines fit)


Firing pin safety, safety lever can be operated from both sides


Haenel AR telescopic buttstock with adjustable cheek rest and height-adjustable recoil pad


Handguard with two NAR and two M-Lok rails, removable without tools

 4.5 kg approx. (without attachments)

VIDEO: premiere of the Haenel CR308 HMR sporting semi-automatic rifle at Enforce Tac 2024

Our conclusion: the Haenel CR308 HMR as a sporty, ambitious semi-automatic rifle with premium features

The inner workings of the Haenel CR308 HMR come from the tried and tested Haenel CR semi-automatic rifle series.

Haenel has already presented the affordable LR/One bolt-action model at the two spring trade fairs 2024 Enforce Tac and IWA for entry into the long-range or even the more dynamic PRS competitions, which at less than €2,500 fits into the budget (and was presented here at all4shooters.com). In the semi-automatic rifle disciplines, Haenel fans have already been able to fall back on the range of Haenel CR models that have been tried and tested for years, with the AR15-based CR223 or the other variants CR300 in .300 AAC Blackout, CR6.5 in 6.5 Creedmoor or the classic CR308 in .308 Winchester.

Thanks to the modular design and the option of using attachments from the wide-ranging AR accessories market, it was possible to customise your sports rifle (or even your hunting rifle). This is no longer necessary with the Haenel CR308 HMR because this version, which is explicitly designed for sport, is factory available in competition quality and with features such as the improved match trigger and the charging handle shifted to the left to provide the last bit of precision and action. With a recommended retail price of just under €4,700, the HMR is within the usual budget range for this good equipment.

We are already eagerly awaiting the experiences of our testers, who want to take the Haenel CR308 HMR over a PRS course and test it at long range as soon as possible.

More information on the Haenel CR308 HMR and the other models mentioned can be found on the Haenel website.

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