Haenel LR/One: a bolt action rifle in .308 Win for an affordable introduction to long range and PRS – with video

It's a dilemma: precision rifles that meet professional requirements are often characterised by their considerable dimensions, weight and often a high price. As a result, these specialised firearms are simply oversized for a wide range of applications, both in shooting sports and in law enforcement use. In the case of Haenel, this means that the RS and HLR precision rifle series, for example, have been used successfully by German police forces and special units for years. However, even the current basic version, the HLR Basic, which could appeal to sports shooters (and even more so to beginners), is clearly over budget in terms of price, design and features.

Haenel LR/One from right in profile
Inexpensive but high quality: the Haenel LR/One has the newly developed chassis and buttstock of the Haenel CR308 and CR223 models, plus a stable bolt action and 3-position safety.

In contrast, there are affordable rifles known as precision rifles, which are often based on hunting rifle actions and were not originally developed for sporting use and the associated high number of shots. With the Haenel LR/ONE bolt-action rifle in .308 calibre, the well-known German manufacturer has chosen a new path and created a sporting rifle without compromising on performance and features – and at a price of €2,498, which can already be considered a fighting price, i.e. almost 50 percent below what you would otherwise have to invest for a comparable model.

Haenel LR/One from left
The 600-mm long barrel manufactured by Haenel is threaded for a muzzle brake or a silencer. The handguard has M-LOK interfaces, an ARCA rail for a tripod and a continuous NAR prism rail (Weaver) at the top.
Shoulder support
Haenel LR/One in .308 caliber: the extendable buttstock (+/- 8 cm) offers many tool-free adjustment options (shoulder piece and cheek rest) and ensures perfect ergonomics in all positions.

Save 50% on the purchase of a long-range rifle? How is that possible?

Haenel shows the way, through in-house measures. The basis for the LR/One (short for Long Range One) is the newly developed Haenel bolt-action chassis, which has been combined with the AR buttstock of the Haenel CR308/CR223. It allows the stock length to be infinitely adjusted by plus/minus 8 cm and the cheek rest and shoulder piece to be adjusted in height without the need for tools. There is an ARCA interface for tripods, scopes are mounted on a NAR rail milled into the receiver. The long handguard around the barrel also has a NAR rail and M-LOK mounts for attaching accessories. As the entire concept is designed for the use of globally available attachments from the "AR world", there is no need for expensive customised solutions.

The action is just as solid: a precise, cold-hammer forged 20-mm diameter barrel with a length of 600 mm and a 15x1 muzzle thread, an excellent direct trigger and a classic bolt (60-degree throw) with three strong lugs and an equally proven 3-position safety on acting on the firing pin. The LR/One has also successfully passed the overpressure firing test up to 8,000 bar. The removable magazine holds 5 cartridges (plus one in the chamber) in .308 Winchester caliber, which is known for its good balance between range, penetration and recoil. In the Haenel LR/ONE, this caliber is suitable for long-range shots up to around 800 metres, according to the manufacturer.

Features of the new Haenel LR/One bolt-action rifle for long range shooting and PRS:

Graphic with numbers
The equipment of the Haenel LR/One
  1. Extendable buttstock (+/- 8 cm): cheek support and shoulder piece can be adjusted without tools.
  2. Crisp direct trigger (trigger pull weight: 900 grams approx.).
  3. Classic bolt-action with 3-position firing pin safety.
  4. Magazine capacity 5+1 in .308 Win.
  5. Cold-hammer forged 20-mm diameter precision barrel made by Haenel. Handguard with NAR and M-LOK interfaces. ARCA interface for tripods.
  6. Muzzle thread M18x1.5 for silencer or muzzle brake.

Haenel LR/One repeater specs and price

Haenel LR/One
Price (RRP in Germany):
2,498 euros
3-lug bolt-action with 60-degree bolt throw


7.62x51 mm (.308 Winchester)

Twist Rate:


Overall Length:

1,070 - 1,150 mm (adjustable buttstock)


90 mm


195 mm (without scope)

Barrel Length:

600 mm

Barrel Diameter:

20 mm


4.8 kg approx. (without attachments)


Direct, pull weight 900 grams approx.

Magazine Capacity:

5+1 rounds


3-position firing pin safety


Haenel AR

Mounting Rail / Handguard:

Integrated NAR rail (Weaver) / handguard with NAR and M-LOK


Multicoloured (sand and black)

VIDEO: the Haenel LR/One bolt-action rifle at Enforce Tac 2024 – under €2,500 to get started with PRS and Long Range shooting

Our first assessment: what characterises the new Haenel LR/One

The new Haenel LR/One bolt-action rifle is aimed at sports shooters who want to get into the trendy PRS (Precision Rifle Series) or Long Range disciplines, but don't want to pay for features they don't need. With high-quality components from the wide range of AR accessories, the future owners can personalise their rifle according to their wishes and budget, but the Haenel LR/One seems to offer everything you need in terms of reliable technology and features for less than €2,500 out-of-the-box. Our team is already looking forward to the first test!

Further information on the LR/One can be found on the Haenel website.

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