Haenel Jaeger NXT Composite: the straight-pull rifle is now also available with adjustable synthetic stock

An old hunter's saying goes: "The barrel shoots, but the stock hits". Behind this saying is nothing more than the realization that the better the "stock fits," i.e. the better it is adjusted to the shooter's ergonomics, the better he or she can shoot. In the past, such an individual ergonomic adjustment could only be achieved with a custom-made stock. Today, stocks that allow individual adjustment in terms of length of pull or height are in vogue. In addition, more and more hunters are now turning to hard-wearing plastic stocks for tough use in the field. So what could be more natural than a customizable synthetic stock? No sooner said than done.

The Suhl-based German company C.G. Haenel also knows, of course, that the stock of a rifle is decisive to hit the target, regardless of whether it is a precision shot or a moving shot. That's why Haenel has now given its Jaeger NXT straight-pull bolt action rifle a "dynamic" synthetic stock and now offers the NXT as a composite variant. The new composite stock can be easily adapted to the hunter's ergonomics, which should reduce the time it takes for the rifle to be shouldered optimally – as it is intuitive – by up to a third. This leaves more time for aiming and firing, especially when hunting on the move, which should of course have a positive effect on the success of the hunt. Haenel still sees  driven hunting as the intended use for the Jaeger NXT straight-pull rifle, but also recommends it as a "light and handy companion" for stalking or the high seat. 

The fore-end of the Hanel Jaeger NXT Composite has an ergonomically optimized, tapered profile and soft-touch inserts on the contact surfaces. 

The innovative stock concept was developed by Haenel's product managers and now distinguishes the Jaeger NXT Composite. If hunters previously only thought of wood when it came to custom stocks, they should also think of the synthetic stock of the NXT Composite in the future. According to Haenel, with this stock users "take stock  customization into their own hands" and can adjust the stock length to their needs before going out into the field. Thanks to interchangeable butt caps that can be inserted without tools, the stock can be shortened by 7 mm or lengthened by 5 mm. Adjustment of the dynamic stock back to the sight line is also simple at the touch of a button. This allows the stock height to be optimally adjusted to the scope used, the driven hunting scope or for tracking using the rear and front sights. This should enable the shooter to take aim more intuitively and thus more quickly. Haenel has placed emphasis on ergonomics not only in the stock, but also in the fore-end: a special finger groove in combination with injected soft-touch inserts on the hand contact surfaces and a tapered fore-end profile are also intended to ensure an individual and secure grip. So that no matter where the shooter personally grips the forend, he or she can ergonomically pull the rifle into the shoulder at any time. The fore-end is also reinforced on the underside, so that accessory rails or additional sling swivel attachments, for example for a bipod, can be mounted here without hesitation if required.

The manufacturer has also taken care to optimally match the steep pistol grip of the stock to the kickdown bolt handle of the Jaeger NXT. This control has an essential function in this type of firearm, as it is both the manual cocking device and part of the torsion lock system of the straight-pull rifle.

With the polymer stock of new Haenel Jaeger NXT, the designers also ergonomically adapted the grip angle of the pistol grip to the rifle's kickdown bolt handle, which on this straight-pull action also functions as a manual cocking device. 

The Jaeger NXT with composite stock weighs 3.1 kilograms and is offered in Germany at a non-binding recommended retail price of 2,159 euros. The Haenel Jaeger NXT Composite is already available from retailers and is currently available in .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester calibers. 

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