Rheinmetall at AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition 2017

Some interesting new products have been presented by Rheinmetall at the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition 2017, the largest land warfare exposition held in the US that took place on October 9-11th in Washington DC. 

Vingmate FCS 4500 fire control aiming unit from Rheinmetall.
The Vingmate FCS 4500 fire control aiming unit.
The Multiray MR500, a competitor in the US “Grenadier Sighting System” procurement project from Rheinmetall
The Multiray MR500, a competitor in the US “Grenadier Sighting System” procurement project.

Rheinmetall showcased a selection of its advanced, world class products and projects. Among these, since Rheinmetall is world leader in the field of advanced ammunition, the 25mm x 137 medium-calibre frangible armour-piercing ammunition for the new F-35 Stealth Multirole Fighter and the programmable 40mm x 53 airburst round

Fire control aiming units like the Vingmate FCS 4500 and the Multiray MR500 – a competitor in the US “Grenadier Sighting System” procurement project – round out the Group’s impressive array of 40mm products. 

Rheinmetall has also displayed its new VIM Vitra daylight camera, a proven means of upgrading the combat performance of existing remotely controlled weapon stations. As far as force protection technology and network-enabled operations capabilities are concerned, visitors could inspect the Group’s ROSY rapid smoke/obscurant system. 

ADS: an innovative and high-performance protection system

Rheinmetall also showed its active protection system (APS). APS are designed to prevent line-of-sight guided anti-tank missiles/projectiles from acquiring or destroying a target, and the US Army is moving rapidly to field APS capabilities on European equipment sets.

ADS (active defence system) distributed APS system is among the most advanced, tested and safe systems in the world and offers distinct advantages in technical maturity and safety for dismounted infantry operating alongside armored vehicles.

The system, weighing 140 kg for light vehicles and 500 kg for heavy vehicles, can be adapted to almost every vehicle; it weighs 140 kg for light vehicles and up to 500 kg for heavy vehicles. The main elements are the sensor-countermeasure modules arranged all around the vehicle and a processor that determines the type and the trajectory of the approaching target, so that a countermeasure module close to the calculated impact point can be activated. The countermeasure module utilizes directed energy to destroy the threat a mere three meters from the protected vehicle and has a reaction time of 0.6 milliseconds.

For further information, please visit the Rheinmetall Defence website.