Milipol 2021: IWI introduces the new ACE-N 52 assault rifle

News live from Paris, where the 2021 edition of Milipol, the world's most important trade fair dedicated to military and LE security weapons and equipment, took place. Among the many novelties presented after the forced pause imposed by the pandemic, the new version of the ACE assault rifle stands out, introduced by the Israeli company IWI under the name N 52. 

IMI ACE-N 52: long live the 7.62x51 NATO caliber

The civilian version of the IWI ACE in 7.62x51 NATO caliber
The civilian version of the IWI ACE in 7.62x51 NATO caliber is already available on the US market also in a pistol version.

The main feature of this version is the 7.562x51 chambering and the consequent compatibility with AR-10/SR25 20-round magazines in that caliber. 

Based on the proven Galil assault rifle design, with gas-operated system and long-stroke piston, the ACE-N 52 is designed for uses where the stopping power of the 5.56 NATO caliber might be insufficient. “As a leader in the field of small arms, IWI constantly continues to develop the most advanced products, according to the changing needs of its customers,” said Ronen Hamudot, IWI's Executive VP Marketing and Sales. “In this way, the ACE-N 52, with its enhanced ergonomic features, meets the needs of the modern battlefield. An additional configuration of the ACE-N 52 has been adapted to the needs of the civilian market.”

The IWI ACE-N 52 assault rifle is a modern and reliable weapon suitable for long-range targets in open and urban areas that fully meets MIL SDT 810 military standards. It is capable of operating even in very challenging weather and environmental conditions. The ACE-N 52 features a folding AR-type stock with adjustable cheek rest and the handguard is fitted with an accessory mounting interface. In addition to the high-strength iron sights, with L-type double aperture rear sight and a post front sight with tritium dot protected by two sturdy ears, there is a long Picatinny rail on top of the receiver that allows the mounting of conventional or optoelectronic optics. Among the most recent changes to the weapon design we find the non-reciprocating charging handle that is now located on the left side of the receiver.

Thanks to the redesigned ergonomics, today the IWI ACE is one of the most sophisticated and versatile assault rifles, capable of achieving high accuracy in selective shooting and reliability in the most extreme conditions. The 7.62mm NATO caliber model can be adopted by LE agencies and military forces that already use the 5.56x45mm NATO caliber models without requiring additional training and thus saving valuable funds. The ACE in 7.62x51mm allows military forces around the world to replace their weapons with modern, innovative, high-performance models without changing their ammunition requirements.

The ACE in 7.62x51mm features a 16”/409 mm cold hammer-forged barrel with chrome lining. The rifle overall length in the standard version is 37.55”/954 mm. The pistol version designed for the US market (for the moment), available with or without a telescoping stock, has a 11.8”/30 cm barrel for an overall length of 31.5”/80 or 22.8”/58 cm respectively.

IWI ACE-N 52 rifle specs and price

IWI – Israel
ACE-N 52
7.62x51 NATO
Gas operated, long stroke piston system
Firing Mode:
Full auto or semi-automatic (semi-automatic only for the civilian version)
Barrel Length: 
16”/409 mm
Overall Lenght:
37.55”/954 mm
Magazine Capacity: 
20 rounds
Tritium front sight, L-type double aperture rear sight, Picatinny rail
8.6 lb/3.9 kg approx
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