Steyr RFP .22 Long Rifle semiautomatic pistol

Steyr-Mannlicher GmbH introduced the RFP .22 Long Rifle rimfire sporting pistol at the 2016 edition of IWA
The outline of the hammer-fired, rimfire Steyr RFP is quite adamantly inspired to the Company's own M-A1 line of striker-fired service pistols

Steyr-Mannlicher's new pistol for the year 2016, first showcased at the IWA expo in Nuremberg, is dubbed the RFP, and is a semi-automatic, hammer-fired, rimfire handgun specifically conceived for sport shooting.

The Steyr-Mannlicher RFP is built around a frame that reminds, both in design and in features, the one used by the M-A1 line of semi-automatic centerfire handguns marketed by the Company for service and defensive purposes. The slide is manufactured out of metal, and hosts fixed sights.

Unlike the M-A1 line of pistols, the RFP comes with an external hammer and a slide-mounted manual safety. Chambered for the popular .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge, the Steyr-Mannlicher RFP pistol is extremely lightweight and user-friendly, and hosts ten rounds in a detachable single-stack magazine.

More news of IWA 2016 you'll find on all4shooters.com / all4hunters.com.

For more information To the website of Steyr Mannlicher

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