SW22 Victory Target Model, an affordable target shooting pistol

Target sights, a polished feed ramp, custom grips with a thumb rest: these are the most interesting features of the Smith & Wesson  22 Victory Target Model, the new .22 LR pistol that expands the SW22 Victory lineup first introduced in 2015. 

The new model comes from a specific customers' request for a SW22 Victory version with target grips and sights to provide an ideal target shooting pistol. This does not exclude that, like any .22 LR handgun, it can be used for hunting – where allowed by law – and unassuming recreational shooting too.

SW22 Victory Target Model: the details make the difference

Target grip of the new SW22 Victory Target Model pistol
The Target sights and custom grips with a thumb rest characterise the new SW22 Victory Target Model.

As said, no revolutions here but just some little new details that are enough to turn the already appreciated S&W's semi-auto “plinker” into a real “target pistol”. 

First of all, a black blade front sight and an adjustable, target-style rear sight, coupled with new grips with thumb rest. The latter are included for both left & right hand shooters, while a standard flat grip is also included to use on opposite side. 

Lastly, the polished feed ramp ensures a smooth chambering of rounds and a more reliable cycling with the notoriously “fickle” .22 LR cartridges. 

The SW22 Victory Target Model pistol, right side
The SW22 Victory Target Model shares many features with the other SW22 Victory series pistols.

Otherwise, the Target Model shares the same features of the SW22 Victory family. It is a single-action, enclosed hammer-fired, blowback semi-automatic design with a match-grade, interchangeable bull barrel, beveled magazine well, and Target trigger with adjustable trigger stop. The frame is stainless steel. A Picatinny-style rail is included for the mounting of optics.

The price is just a bit higher than standard SW22 models, at 429 USD, complete with two 10-round magazines. But still, it's a very affordable target gun.

SW22 Victory Target Model: technical data

SW22 Victory Target Model
22 LR
single action
Barrel length:
5.5 in / 140 mm
Overall length: 
9.2 in / 233 mm
front - black blade, back - square notch black blade
36.0 oz / 1,020 g
Magazine capacity: 
429 USD

For more information please visit Smith & Wesson website.