Smith & Wesson Model 610 revolver: welcome back!

Smith & Wesson Model 610 revolver in 4 inch barrel
The 10mm Auto Model 610 is also available with 4 inch barrel.

Time of comebacks: Smith & Wesson announced the addition to its revolver lineup of the Model 610 revolver chambered in the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge. Have you already heard of it? Quite possibly, yes. Smith & Wesson originally introduced the Model 610 almost 30 years ago, in 1990, and then retired it in 1992. A second debut came in 1998, associated with intermittent production. Jan Mladek, General Manager of Smith & Wesson and M&P brands, explains why they are now re-introducing it: “With the recent increase in popularity of the 10mm Auto cartridge, we felt it important to offer a 10mm revolver for personal protection and handgun hunting.  The N-frame revolver has long been a staple in big-bore revolvers, and the 10mm is a natural caliber addition to the line.” 

Smith & Wesson Model 610: the revolver’s third incarnation

The finger groove grips of the Smith & Wesson Model 610 revolver
The 10mm Auto Model 610 is also available with 4 inch barrel.

In its third incarnation the single/double action 10mm Auto Model 610 revolver is available with 4- or 6.5-inch barrel. The manufacturer correctly describes it as “well suited for handgun hunting and protection in the backcountry”. It’s well suited for home protection too, of course. Cylinder capacity is 6 rounds. Designed for use with the included six-shot moon clips, it is also capable of firing the 40 S&W cartridge – which is a plus.  

The Smith & Wesson M610 features a stainless steel frame, barrel and cylinder,  black synthetic finger groove grips, black blade interchangeable front sight with an adjustable white outline rear sight. With an overall length of 9.5", weight is 42.6 oz / 1207.7 g. Suggested retail price is 969 USD for both the 4- and 6.5-inch barrel version.