New Smith & Wesson Model 350, S&W's first revolver in .350 Legend caliber

The first Smith & Wesson production revolver chambered in the straight-walled .350 Legend caliber, and one of the few models to be built on the huge X-Frame originally designed for the “dinosaur hunting“ .500 S&W Magnum cartridge: this is the new Model 350, an X-Frame size, seven-shot double-action/single action revolver with an all stainless-steel construction. With a 7.5” ported barrel with red ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight system, the Model 350 features a cylinder that utilizes moon clips for loading and unloading. 

Smith & Wesson Model 350 and the Legend

The Model 350 is built on the X-Frame and features an all-stainless steel construction. Cylinder capacity is seven rounds. 
With an overall length of 13.5”/343 mm and a weight of  71.5 oz / 2,027 g, the new Smith & Wesson stands out.

The caliber itself deserves some attention: introduced by Winchester in 2019, the .350 is claimed as “the world's fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge”, delivering more energy than a .30-30 Winchester, .300 Blackout or .223 Remington, with 20% less recoil than a .243 Winchester with a 20% more penetration. 

Sights include a front red ramp and a rear adjustable sight. The barrel is ported.

It's an ideal cartridge for medium-sized game and especially whitetail hunting. (We already presented ithe .350 Legend in some detail.)

Now, back to the revolver. Overall Length of the new Model 350 is 13.5″. Weighing in at a full 71.5 oz, or 2027 g, the latest Smith & Wesson giant wheelgun is not a featherweight either. 

The 7-round stainless-steel cylinder is fluted, and the one-piece grip is synthetic – as befits such a powerful hunting gun. 

The MSRP in the US for the Model 350 revolver .350 Legend is $1,599.00.

Video: Smith & Wesson Model 350 

“The world's fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge”: Winchester .350 Legend.

Smith & Wesson Model 350 specs and price

.350 Legend
Cylinder Capacity: 
7 rounds
Front red ramp, rear adjustable
Cylinder Material:
Stainless steel
Barrel Material: 
Stainless steel
Frame Material: 
Stainless steel
Frame Finish: 
Satin stainless
Barrel Length: 
7.5"/191 mm
Barrel Twist: 
Overall Length: 
13.5”/343 mm
71.5 oz / 2,027 g
Price (MSRP):