CZ: the new semiautomatic pistols at IWA

CZ introduced the Shadow 2 and P-07 Kadet semi-automatic pistols at the 2016 IWA expo  
The CZ Shadow 2 is a new variant of the company's signature design, and was specifically conceived for IPSC and USPSA competition

The CZ – Česká Zbrojovka company showcased two brand new sport-shooting pistols at the 2016 edition of the IWA expo in Nuremberg (Germany).

Developed in collaboration with CZ's élite IPSC shooters team, the CZ Shadow 2 semi-automatic pistol is an upgrade of the now legendary SP-01 Shadow model conceived to significantly contribute to speed and accuracy during competitions. 

Using cutting-edge production equipment, the CZ company aimed to develop a handgun that would push the boundaries of IPSC sports shooting even further. 

The CZ Shadow 2 is a 9x19mm caliber, SA/DA pistol with CZ's own modified Browning locking system design, feeding through 18-rounds or 19-rounds magazines; it is 157mm long, sports a 12-centimetres barrel, and weighs about 1,33 kilograms. The slide and frame of the CZ Shadow 2 pistol are machined out of stainless steel, while the grip panels are manufactured out of anodized aluminum.

CZ P-07 Kadet
IWA 2016: new semiautomatic pistol CZ P-07 Kadet

The CZ P-07 Kadet is instead a rimfire variant of CZ's current main service/defense pistol product, and was specifically conceived for target practice, leisure plinking, or training. The CZ P-07 Kadet is built around the same polymer frame used by the 9mm or .40 caliber P-07 variants, and sports a dedicated slide, 103mm-long cold-hammer forged barrel, and 10-rounds single-stack magazine. 

The slide-barrel assembly and magazine of the P-07 Kadet are also available as an aftermarket conversion kit for pre-existing P-07 variants, and is compatible with them all – including the early CZ-75 P07 “Duty” pistol.

CZ Shadow 2
IWA 2016: new semiautomatic pistol CZ Shadow 2 9 mm

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