Cabot Guns Apocalypse: introducing a noble 1911 in 9mm and .45 ACP calibers

Since Cabot Guns, based in the US state of Pennsylvania, first presented its guns to the world public in 2014, the US company has earned a first-class reputation for its pistols. Pistols as American as apple pie – read: 1911-style semi-automatics. From the start, they placed as much emphasis on the very finest function and quality (there were comparisons to the posh cars of the British Rolls Royce brand) as they did on showmanship. Because the 1911s from Cabot Guns also stand out for their extravagant design, and their firearms therefore belong to the high-end sector of 1911 pistols.

This is exactly the case with the new Cabot Guns Apocalypse, which was just introduced in early January. And their pieces intended for 2021 were pre-ordered and thus sold out within a very short time. As the company's CEO Rob Bianchin informs us, however, the company is already accepting orders for 2022.

cabot-guns-apocalypse-1911-pistol left side view
Despite belonging to the high-end sector of 1911 pistols, the Cabot Guns Apocalypse is designed for use as a utility pistol.

The new addition to Cabot Guns: the Apocalypse in detail

The Apocalypse is a strictly utility gun, available in either .45 ACP or 9mm Luger (or to stay in US parlance, "Nine Mil") – but one sporting a strikingly patterned Damascus steel slide. The pizzazz is not just in the choice of material itself, but in the fact that its pattern runs in the direction of firing, and thus also picks up the general lines of the slide. However, what Cabot Guns says is true of the material: "Like a fingerprint, each slide's pattern is unique." The slide in turn has two sets of finely executed angled cocking serrations on both sides, so that you can grab the slide front or rear to suit your gusto for loading or press-checking. The slide features CG's so-called Heritage Finish, which the manufacturer says shields the distinctive texture of the Damascus steel with a rock-hard exterior.

The slide sits on a 416 stainless steel frame constructed from solid billet and fitted with a dust cover pic rail. (416 is the American Iron and Steel Institute, or AISI for short, specification. Translated into nomenclature, this corresponds to the material with the designation 1.4005 / X 12 CrS 13). The material was hardened according to an in-house recipe. The gun has an antique patinated finish – the author felt reminded of the finish of his over 100 years old Government of the type called “Black Army” by collectors. This is matched by the standard Tactile grips made of black G10, a compound of fiberglass and epoxy resin.

Cabot Guns Apocalypse specs and price at a glance

Model:Cabot Guns Apocalypse
Price: 7495 USD (Delivery time: 18 months)
Caliber:.45 ACP or 9mm Luger
Magazine Capacity:8 + 1 / 9 + 1 rounds
Barrel Length: 5" or 4.25" (127 or 108 mm)
The controls of the Apocalypse model from Cabot Guns
The controls of the Apocalypse model from Cabot Guns.

Controls and quality standards of the Apocalypse

Among the controls common to the model are the flat serrated trigger, the ambidextrous safety, the slide stop ("Idiot Scratch Proof" according to Cabot Guns, meaning fitted in such a way that it cannot leave scratches in the finish when disassembled or operated). There is also a deep front strap rhombus cut checkering and a mainspring housing built as a one-piece complete with extended magwell. The Apocalypse comes with two magazines (eight rounds in .45 ACP and nine rounds in 9mm Luger). And all, according to the factory, manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Muzzle thread of the Cabot Guns Apocalypse
Optionally, the buyer can opt for a muzzle thread to attach a silencer to the Apocalypse.

The equipment options of the 1911 from Cabot Guns

The gun features a stainless steel match grade barrel, available in 5 or 4.25 inch lengths, hand-fitted and crown cut, optionally available with a threaded muzzle for mounting a silencer. A polished feed ramp is also available. Optional is the proprietary mounting plate for reflex sights, designed to co-witness with the iron sights, consisting of a fixed rear sight and a dovetail-mounted front sight with tritium insert. And for silenced operation, Cabot Guns has also developed higher profile sights. Oh, and you can hit the target with it, too – CG guarantees an accuracy of less than 1.5 inches, or 38 millimeters, at 25 meters.

For more information on Cabot Guns please visit the US Cabot Guns's website.

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