ActionSportGames A/S CZ “Scorpion” EVO-3/A1

ASG CZ “Scorpion” EVO-3/A1
A caption of the ASG EVO-3/A1 Airsoft replica as first showcased at the 2012 SHOT Show

The ASG - ActionSportGames A/S company is a Danish-based group thatʼs gaining a fair share of marketplace in the Airsoft and MilSim fields, and competes with Cybergun, Umarex and other important international companies by number of exclusive replica manufacturing rights owned. ASG in fact signed exclusive replica rights contracts with several high-profile firearms manufacturers, including the Czech CZ - Ceskà Zbrojovka A.S., whose main product in the field of military and law enforcement weapons in the past year has been an extremely interesting, high-technology sub-machinegun dubbed the “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1, which retains nothing but the name of the small .32-caliber machine-pistol used by ComBloc troops, guerrilla and terrorist movements worldwide.

ASG CZ “Scorpion” EVO-3/A1
Mass production and distribution of the ASG CZ “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1 Airsoft sub-machinegun is slated for 2013 at the earliest

The ActionSportGames group first announced to have signed a deal with CZ to manufacture an Airsoft replica of the new “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1 sub-machinegun last January, at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas (NV). The companyʼs booth at the Show also gathered the attention of every Airsoft/MilSim enthusiast in the Sands Expo center as the first prototype of the electrically-powered replica was openly showcased. A concentrate of high quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the ASG replica of the “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1 has been realized with direct CZ support, using the original 3D drawings of the real firearm.

ASG CZ “Scorpion” EVO-3/A1
CZ provided ASG with the original 3D drawings of the EVO-3/A1 to help achieve the highest realism levels in this replica

The ActionSportGames “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1 AEG features a lower polymer receiver and a machined metal upper much like the real firearm, and comes equipped with a side-folding and extendable butt-stock which, when closed, allows the user to remove a rear plastic plug and access the gearbox, the battery pack and the return spring for cleaning and maintenance operations. The ASG “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1 replica will employ a typical AEG battery-powered gearbox, albeit equipped with a low-battery indicator and a power consumption optimizer that will both notify the user when the energy level is running out and provide the same degree of performance for every 6mm BB pellet fired, from the first to the last, no matter what's the battery charge status.

ASG CZ “Scorpion” EVO-3/A1
A specs flyer for the ActionSportGames CZ “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1 replica

Two integrated safety systems, namely a magazine disconnector that prevents dry fire and a built-in failure detection system that automatically engages when a jamming is detected, will prefent any possible damage to the gearbox. The trigger system employs an electronic system to virtully reduce trigger time to zero and basically ensure the same rate of fire when firing full-auto, three rounds burst, or in fast semi-automatic mode. All controls are ambidextrous, or easy to modify for left-handed users, and the gearbox provides a realistic “blowback” operation, with reciprocating cocking handle and a slight recoil feeling.

The ActionSportGames CZ “Skorpion” EVO-3/A1 replica is thus definitely in line to become a “must have” for every serious skirmisher. Bad news are, we will still have to wait for a while before having a chance to own it, as ASG speakers confirmed to during the latest IWA expo that it will not be made available to the general public before 2013.

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