Yukon “Futurus Pro”

Yukon “Futurus Pro” binoculars
A combination of optimum magnification power with highlight objective lens and wide field of view makes the “Futurus Pro” binocular ideal for outdoor activity

Combination of optimum magnification power with highlight objective lenses and a wide field of view makes the Futurus Pro 10x50 WA ideal for the majority of outdoor activities including traveling, hunting, fishing, nature observation and sporting events. The binoculars have an IPX4 grade of water-resistance and are able to tolerate operation under moderate precipitation while functioning normally and without damage to the unit.  The distance-measuring reticle helps to determine the approximate distance to an object being viewed while the set of light filter accessories are recommended for use in poor or harsh weather conditions for optimal viewing ability. Along with the focusing knob, the diopter adjustment can be additionally set by means of the right eyepiece.  All Futurus Pro binoculars are equipped with a wide neck strap and a durable case for safe storage and transportation.  With the help of a ¼” adapter, the binoculars can be mounted onto a tripod; which is essential for prolonged observation.  The Futurus Pro wide angle binoculars are remarkable for their innovative structural design and multi-functionality, and can meet the demands of even the most particular user.  The Futurus Pro series is backed by Yukon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Optical parts of binocular – lenses and prisms – are made of high-quality optical glass. Fully multi-coated lenses utilize True Color™ magnesium coatings providing improved light gathering capabilities as well as exceptional color transmission that is high in contrast and resolution even at the edge of the field of view. Porro-prism optical schematics provide high light-gathering power, excellent three-dimensional image and wide field of view.

The Yukon “Futurus Pro” binocular comes with range-finding reticle located in the right eyepiece and calibrated to the height of the withers of a wild boar at 0.7m and the average height of a buck with antlers at 1.75m. Also, the “Futurus Pro” binocular features a set of light filters. The orange filter is recommended for viewing objects that are farthest away from you. The filter will also enhance the quality of the image in poor conditions such as fog, haze, storm, sand storm, etc. The protective filter is necessary in harsh conditions, so as to shield the objective lenses from dirt, sand, dust, and scratches.

The Futurus Proʼs ergonomically designed rubber armor and lightweight, compact body supplies comfortable grip and protection that is ready for serious outdoors adventures. Lightweight body is made of shockproof coal plastic. Rubber armoring protects the binoculars from dust, dirt, moisture and protects when dropped. Dust-proof gaskets protect the binoculars from snow, dust, and dirt. The Eclipse™ lens caps are incorporated in the Futurusʼ protective rubber armor body to shield the lenses in any situation at a moments notice. The objective lens caps can be thrown back on the binocularsʼ body, fitting closely on it without disturbing observation. The eyepiece caps, when positioned in the proper way, prevent any light leakage from the sides and improve the image quality. The caps can be taken off as required.

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