Yukon Signal N320 RT and N340 RT: digital night optics

Yukon releases two new digital night vision monoculars, the Yukon Signal N320 RT and N340 RT. Actually, the two devices share basically all the same features and components and are differentiated by the technology of the built in infrared illuminator.

The Yukon Signal N320 RT features two front lenses: the right one is the IR Illuminator, the left one is the objective.

The Yukon Signal N320 RT features an 850nm faintly visible LED built-in IR-illuminator, while the N340 RT uses a completely invisible 940nm LED IR-illuminator. Both have a 10° beam divergence angle. The recognition range is 350 and 300m respectively.

Both Signal RT monoculars are based upon a low light 640x480 pixel CMOS sensor with a 28mm diameter front objective and LCD Microdisplay with the same VGA resolution. Native magnification is 4.5x, with 2x digital zoom, up to 9x. Both Signals also integrate a video recorder capable of capturing video and still images up to VGA resolution. Video can be downloaded to a PC or streamed thru a WiFi connection with the iOS and Android compatible Stream Vision app to YouTube and other video platforms; the app can also be used to remotely control the Yukon Signal RT from a smartphone or tablet.

Yukon Signal RT monoculars: lightweight and compact

All operation of the Yukon Signal N320 RT is done throug four controls on top of the device. Batteries are housed in the back, next to the eyepiece.

The Yukon Signal RT monoculars are lightweight and compact (only 350g), built from high quality polymers and are powered by readily available standard AA batteries or external power banks thanks to the integrated Micro USB connector. The sensor is daytime compatible and can be operated in full daytime without any fear of immediate or long-term damage. Also, during night use even very strong lights (i.e. headlights) will not damage the sensor. A daytime filter is included to improve image quality.

For more information, please visit the Yukon website.

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