Now available: brand new GPO Spectra Pistol Dot red dot sight for under €300

At the German optics manufacturer German Precision Optics (GPO) all riflescopes bear the name "Spectra" in the model designation. In addition to some riflescopes for hunters and sport shooters, the Spectra family has so far only included a closed red dot developed for use on long guns. Now, with the Spectra Pistol Dot, GPO has added a so-called Mini Red Dot Sight (MRDS), i.e. a compact red reflex sight for handguns, to the Spectra Dot range.

In the IPX7 standard waterproof housing of the GPO Spectra Pistol Dot, the drawer for the battery is quickly accessible on the right side of the housing.

When designing the new Spectra Pistol Dot, GPO paid particular attention to the requirements of ambitious and professional pistol shooters. For example, the developers attached great importance to the fact that the red dot sight has automatic brightness control and sophisticated power management. For this reason, the GPO Spectra Pistol Dot has a sensor-controlled automatic switch-off function that ensures that the 3 MOA red dot is deactivated if the sight is not moved for one minute. At the slightest change in position, the red dot is visible again and the sight is immediately ready for use. This power management is said to give the Spectra Pistol Dot up to 40,000 hours of operation with just one CR1632 coin cell, according to GPO. The battery is located in a drawer on the right side of the housing and can be changed very quickly if necessary without having to remove the optic from the gun.

The automatic brightness setting is designed so that the red dot at the lowest intensity level can also be used with night vision technology used in law enforcement/military sector. And at the highest setting, it is still clearly visible against the sky even in bright daylight.

The GPO Spectra Pistol Dot has a sturdy aluminum housing and a 22 16 mm anti-reflective coated lens.

The compact Spectra Pistol Dot has a black anodized aluminum housing measuring 27 mm wide, 23 mm high and 40.6 mm long. The anti-reflective coated plastic lens measures 22x16 mm. Including the battery, the GPO red dot sight for handguns weighs only about 21 grams. All this makes the new Spectra Pistol Dot an excellent reflex sight for all those who depend on fast target acquisition in sport, hunting or on duty.

The red dot sight has an adjustment range of 60 MOA each in elevation and windage. Adjustment is made with a slotted screwdriver via a fine but clearly noticeable click adjustment with ¼ MOA steps.

GPO's new Spectra Pistol Dot red dot sight fits pistols with Shield RMS and DeltaPoint compatible interfaces

This Picatinny mount is already included as standard in the low price of 299 euro (MSRP) for the GPO Spectra Pistol Dot.

With the Spectra Pistol Dot, GPO relies on a Shield RMS-compatible footprint that also harmonizes with Leupold DeltaPoint interfaces. For those who want to use the sight on a Picatinny rail, GPO also supplies the appropriate mounting base. For example, it can also be used on modern sporting revolvers that have such a top rail integrated into the barrel shroud. But it can also be used as a secondary optic on the mounting rings of a riflescope prepared in this way for dynamic shooting competitions or as an aid for aligning spotting scopes that have a pica rail for such purposes.

The new GPO Spectra Pistol Dot is already available from specialist dealers at the recommended retail price of 299 euros. With this, GPO obviously remains true to its self-imposed goal of offering the customer the best possible price-performance ratio. In view of the equipment and especially the included Picatinny mount, this is also in our opinion a very favorable and more than fair offer that you should definitely take a closer look at. 

GPO Spectra Pistol Dot specs and price

The new GPO Spectra Pistol Dot red dot sight fits all pistols with Shield RMS and Leupold DeltaPoint compatible interfaces. Here we have mounted it on the Shield footprint of a 9mm Canik Mete SFT using an adapter plate from the pistol manufacturer.






22x16 mm

Dot Size:


Adjustment Range:

60 MOA windage/ 60 MOA elevation

Operating Time:

40,000 h with one CR 1632 cell

Dimensions (LxWxH):

40.6x27x23 mm


21 g


299 euro

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