Unboxing the GPO Spectra TI 35 thermal imager

“Made by hunters for hunters” is GPO's claim to describe the Spectra TI 35, a device equipped with the latest thermal imaging technology that enables unique hunting and observation experiences up to 1.3 km, even at night and in bad weather.

The Spectra TI 35 offers practically everything you need: 12 color and ambient filters, live view to your mobile phone, integrated filming & photography, distance estimation, picture-in-picture and automatic marking and tracking of a heat source. At 12.34 oz/350 g, the device is  extremely light. Thanks to its compactness it can also be operated with a power bank. The thermal imager is powered by two CR123A batteries (included), rechargeable batteries (not included) or using the included USB-C cable. Operating time per high-quality battery/accumulator set is around 4.5 hours, depending on the outdoor temperature. A a wake-up function makes it quickly ready for use.

Even if he unit does not have a built-in laser rangefinder, it can "estimate" distances quite reliably with the built-in rangefinder mode – the manufacturer gives an accuracy of ± 10 percent. The video recording function is quite useful too.

GPO Spectra TI 35 wrap-up

Delivery includes high-quality eyepiece for observation, adapter to RUSAN for hunting, Tenebraex protective cap and a hard case for safe transport. With a great price/performance ratio and many interesting features, the GPO Spectra TI 35 can be used on any scope, providing you have appropriate clip-on ring for the outer diameter of your scope. This unit allows hunters and professional pest controllers to use any of their rifles without re-zeroing.

For more information on the Spectra TI 35 thermal imager including specs and current price please visit the GPO website.

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