GECO Black 1-8×24i: riflescope for sports shooters and law enforcement

At IWA 2017 GECO introduced the Black riflescope series, which has been designed specifically for tactical sports shooters and law enforcement. We had the opportunity to try out the 1-8×24i Tac riflescope at the range.

GECO Black 1-8×24i Tac: riflescope for tactical shooting

Eyepiece with zoom ring on the GECO Black riflescope
The GECO Black with 8× zoom: 1-8×24i Tac riflescope.

The GECO Black riflescope has everything a discerning marksman would expect. It combines excellent optics with a robust housing and a military design. During the test, the integrated horseshoe reticle allowed for a combination of intuitive quick shots at short distances and precise shots at greater distances. The illuminated reticle is located in the 1st focal plane and switches off automatically if not used for a while. Above all, this conserves battery life.

The GECO Black 1-8×24i Tac with 8× zoom performed excellently on our Schmeisser Dynamic Semi-Auto. The riflescope could be used as a red dot sight without magnification with both eyes open. This makes it absolutely ideal for dynamic rifle shooting (IPSC Rifle). 

Adjustments can be made easily using the turrets — even when wearing gloves. The magnification of up to 8× is infinitely adjustable and the image is outstanding. 

Adjustment turrets of the GECO Black riflescope
The adjustment turrets are within easy reach and straightforward to use.
Battery compartment of the GECO Black 1-8×24i riflescope
On the GECO Black, the battery compartment is located in the left adjustment turret.

Technical data of the GECO Black 1-8×24i Tac riflescope

Central tube diameter:34 mm
Field of view (m/100):35,0 - 4,4 m
Total length:273 mm
Total weight:770 g
Price:1,899 euros (recommended retail price)
Test of GECO Black 1-8×24i  at the range
The GECO Black 1-8×24i makes possible quick shots at short distances and precise shots at greater distances. Shown here on the Schmeisser Dynamic.

Test summary for GECO Black 1-8×24i riflescope

The GECO Black 1-8×24i Tac riflescope leaves nothing to be desired. It has everything a high-quality tactical riflescope for sports shooters should. The high-quality optics and the robust exterior were very well received in the test. GECO gives a 10-year warranty on the riflescope. 

For more information on GECO’s optical products, please visit the GECO website.

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