High-performance optics for the long range shooter: a detailed look at the new Kahles K328i and Kahles K328i DLR riflescopes with extremely large eyebox

By its own admission, Kahles' principle for success is to consistently and passionately focus on the real essentials. This was also the case five years ago when the company made the decision to develop high-performance sporting riflescopes. As a rule, elaborate, cost-intensive design developments for several areas of application (LE/military, hunting, sports) are launched in order to achieve a return on investment as quickly as possible. However, this always involves compromises in terms of the mechanical and optical technical details. With the go-ahead in 2019, Kahles began holding workshops with top PRS/long-range shooters, sales partners and dealers to drive the project forward, which ultimately culminated in the K328i and K328i DLR riflescope models. Relevant people from all over the world were invited to talk about the current situation on the one hand and to define inputs for future developments on the other. During this phase, it was already established that the field of view and the eyebox are the key factors in this area. In international jargon, the eyebox is the space behind the riflescope eyepiece  where the aiming eye can be positioned while still maintaining a full field of view. This was the starting point for developing a new optic design that was to be absolutely groundbreaking in the field of view and eyebox areas.

The Kahles K328i riflescope in detail

After almost five years of development and testing, Kahles has now heralded the next revolutionary step in the company's history with the new Kahles K328i with a magnification range of 3.5x to 28x and a 50-mm objective lens diameter. The external dimensions are very similar to those of the well-known K525. With an overall length of 360 mm, the K328i is shorter than the K525i at 377 mm. The weight of the K328i is just over 1,000 grams, while the K525i is just under 1,000 grams.

The Austrian manufacturer has been setting technical milestones in riflescope construction for 125 years now. Here is the current Kahles K328i, including a Kahles Telorar, with which the manufacturer laid the foundation for the design of riflescopes still found today around 1900.
The brand new Kahles K328i/K328i DLR impresses with a huge field of view, paired with a generous eyebox and a powerful elevation adjustment range.

The parallax compensation integrated in the elevation adjustment turret is already familiar from the K525i. This frees up the left-hand turret, which is normally used for parallax adjustment, and this Kahles patent makes it possible to freely select the left or right-hand turret for windage adjustment. However, the parallax adjustment wheel is larger than on the standard K525i and has a non-slip design. The red elevation adjustment turn indicator on the turret is identical to that of the K525i and increases with each full rotation. In direct comparison with the K525i, the K328i's significantly larger "eyebox" looks like that of a current "Low Power Variable Optic" (LPVO), i.e. a riflescope with variable magnification at close range. Typical LPVOs from the manufacturer include the Kahles K18i and the improved K18i-2 based on it (both in 1-8x24). The eyebox is responsible for finding the target quickly or keeping it in view at all times in unconventional shooting styles/stress situations – the larger the eyebox, the easier it is for the shooter to do that. In dynamic competitions, this allows the target to be continuously observed at the moment of firing and during recoil, or to be found again more quickly. The shot fired can be optimally controlled. This enables constant visual control and mastery of movements and activities. The field of view of the K328i is 40 per cent wider than that of the K525. By way of comparison, the K328i has the same field of view at 25x magnification as the K525i at 18x magnification. The advantage is to have more field of view at the same magnification or the same field of view at higher magnification. The data of 14.3-m field of view at 3.5x magnification for the K328i compared to 7.7 meters at 5x magnification for the K525i is truly a statement.

A comparison of the field of view of the K525i and the new K328i. The 40% wider field of view gives the shooter a better overview of multiple targets at varying ranges.
The Kahles K328i (left) has a main tube diameter of 36 mm, shown here in direct comparison with the Kahles K525i, which has a 34-mm main tube.

Other K328i features include the zero-stop function for quick retrieval of selected settings and the patented "Twist Guard" protection. The main tube diameter of the K328i is now 36 mm, which should be taken into account when purchasing mounts/mounting rings. This results in an internal elevation adjustment range of 3.40 m/100 m. This in turn means 340 clicks of elevation adjustment with a correction of 0.1 mrad (= 1 cm/100 m) per click. These features are not only important for PRS shooters. LR and ELR shooters can also aim at targets over two kilometres away in conjunction with an adjustable tilted mount.

In addition to the standard version of the K328i, the K328i DLR (Dynamic Long Range) version of the brand new Kahles riflescope is also available. The standard version has 160 clicks per revolution on the elevation adjustment turret. The DLR model only requires 100 clicks per revolution. This made it possible to enlarge the turret lettering for easier reading. The latest riflescope from Kahles also offers the option of placing the windage turret on the left or right. In the standard version,  elevation and windage can be adjusted clockwise (CW) or anti-clockwise (CCW). Only counter-clockwise is possible with the DLR version. For the illuminated reticle positioned in the first focal plane, the SKMR4+ and SKMR+ versions are available for the K328i DLR, while the AMR and MSR2/Ki reticles are also available for the K 328i. With the two SKMR4+ and SKMR+ reticles, the larger field of view had to be taken into account. In addition, the SKMR+ was further optimised together with the inventor Shannon Kay specifically for the requirements of dynamic PRS/DLR disciplines.

+++ Both versions of the new Kahles long-range riflescopes are already available in stores. The non-binding recommended retail prices for the Kahles 328i and the Kahles 328i DLR are 4,300 euros each. +++

A true 8x zoom factor over the entire adjustment range without optical compromises is also a hallmark of the new Kahles K328i riflescopes.

Kahles K328i and K328i DLR specs and prices



K328i DLR


3.5x to 28x

Objective Lens Diameter:

50 mm

Eye Relief:

92 mm

Field of View (at 100 m):

14.3 m to 1.8 m

Diopter Compensation:

+2/-3 dpt

Parallax Adjustment (m):

20 m to ∞

Correction/Click (at 100 m):

1 cm (0.1 mrad)

Elevation/Windage Adjustment Range (to 100 m):

3.4 m /1.3 m

Main Tube Diameter:

36 mm

Objective Filter Thread:



360 mm


1,040 g

Reticle (1st Focal Plane):






Illuminated Reticle:


Battery Type:


Adjustment Direction:CW/CCW
Windage Adjustment:

Optionally on the right or left turret

Zero Stop:


Twist Guard:


EasyRead Elevation Lettering:
Price (RRP):4,300 euro4.300 euro

Further information on the manufacturer Kahles, its new K328i riflescopes and other products can also be found here on the Kahles website.

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