Maserin In-Estro knife, from peasant tradition to everyday carry

Bonus is the stage name of Alessandro Olivetto, a designer and graphic designer who lives and works in Maniago, the Italian “Knife City” par excellence. The Maserin In-Estro knife is the result of the collaboration between Bonus and Coltellerie Maserin, a philosophy that intends to involve national designers and knife makers in order to create products that are 100% "Made in Italy", with completely Italian design and manufacturing.

Maserin In-Estro folding knife – Features and details

The Maserin In-Estro knife is also available with Micarta inserts, as well as olive wood and bocote.

The Maserin In-Estro folding knife is quite original, and traditional elements coexist in it alongside other very modern ones. The D2 tool carbon steel blade is reminiscent of a grafting knife, a peasant tool belonging to the Maniago tradition. The profile of the blade is of the sheepsfoot type, with smooth edge, polished finish and a long nail grip that makes it easy to open.

The profile of the sheepsfoot blade provides that the cutting edge of the blade is absolutely straight, with a tip created by a curvature of the back spine. This design is particularly suitable for short, high-precision cuts such as those required for plant grafting.

The blade is 3.14”/80 mm long with a thickness of 0.1”/2.5 mm. The open knife is 7.2”/185 mm long.

Consistent with tradition, the Maserin In-Estro features a simple slip joint mechanism. It's a very light knife (just 2.54 oz/72 grams) and practical to carry thanks to its steel clip. The handle is anodized aluminum with olive wood and bocote or Micarta inserts. The retail price of the In-Estro knife is 79 euro (price may vary in your country due to VAT and import duties).

Maserin In-Estro knife – Technical data and price

Coltellerie Maserin
Model:In Estro
Type:Folding EDC
Slip joint
Blade profile:
Blade material:
D2 carbon steel
Blade length:
3.14”/80 mm
Overall length:
7.2”/185 mm
aluminum with wood or micarta inserts
2.54 oz/72 g
stainless steel
Price:79 euro

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