CZ Shooting Teams wins gold medals at the Bathory Cup 2017

Saturday 1st April 2017, a total of 290 shooters came to Čachtice to compete in the Bathory Cup IPSC Championships.

The competition was strong, but the shooters from the CZ factory team were in excellent shape after the winter break: let's start with Robin Šebo, still amongst the world leaders in the Production division. 

With his CZ SHADOW 2 pistol he beat Marian Fedor, who came second, by almost 12%! The podium of the Standard division was completely dominated by three CZ shooters: Josef Rakušan, Zdeněk Liehne and Petr Znamenáček, who all competed using CZ 75 TS ORANGE pistols.

In the Open division, gold medals were won in both men and women categories by shooters from the CZ Shooting Team. Miroslav Havlíček reached overall victory, Martina Šerá won the Open Lady category and came fifth in the overall ranking. Both achieved these results with their CZ 75 TS CZECHMATE pistols. Martina’s gold was a great achievement all the more because she had only just come back to the arena after a long break.

A little look from the final results:



Robin Šebo, CZ Shooting Team, 100 %

Marian Fedor, 88,07 %

Miroslav Zapletal, 86,75 %


STANDARD Division:

Josef Rakušan, CZ Shooting Team, 100 %

Zdeněk Liehne, CZ Shooting Team, 97,05 %

Petr Znamenáček, CZ Shooting Team, 89,64 %


OPEN Division

Miroslav Havlíček, CZ Shooting Team, 100 %

Jan Pavlík, 93,42 %

Miloš Hořínek, 92,96 %


OPEN/ LADY Division

Martina Šerá, CZ Shooting Team, 100 %