RWS ammunition Precautionary Safety note and recall

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We receive and publish the following Precautionary Safety Note and Recall from the RWS ammunition manufacturer:

RWS® rifle cartridges are very complex ammunition products, and we produce them with caution. Unfortunately errors can occur in exceptional cases, in spite of permanent quality controls. It has now become apparent that a partial quantity of the powder charge used did not meet our high standards. Propellant powders are organic materials whose properties may in particular be influenced by external circumstances. This occurred with the lot number specified above. Internal ballistic faults may therefore result and we, as responsible brand-name manufacturers, take this matter very seriously. 

As a precautionary measure and in order to prevent damage to weapons, we are recalling the cartridges affected. 

Please check your stock of cartridges for the lot number specified above and hand the cartridges to your dealer, who will of course immediately give you replacements free of charge. Only the lot number 46MG in caliber .243 Win. is affected – you will find it embossed on the top of the package.

We kindly ask for your understanding concerning this measure and deeply regret any inconvenience you may have encountered.