RUAG Swiss P sniper ammunition

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The Swiss-German RUAG group is definitely Europe's biggest provider of military and law enforcement ammunition, and a global top player in the field. Basically no competitor has the skills and the manufacturing capabilities to cover the range of military and Police applications that RUAG products do, while at the same time offering other typically military-oriented products − from hand grenades to mortar and artillery shells − and satisfying the needs of the international civilian markets with a wide offer of civilian-grade pistol, rifle and shotgun loads for hunting, sports shooting, and defensive purposes.

RUAG Swiss P
RUAG offers a plethora of different loads and balls in the Swiss P line, so to satisfy most, if not all, the needs of modern tactical operators"

Although not exactly a "new kid in the block", the Swiss P loads represent the spear tip of RUAG's professional products line, and were some of the most appreciated ammunition products at the 2014 edition of the EUROSATORY defense expo in Paris - nord Villepinte; the line has been undergoing a steady process of completion ever since it was first launched, and now covers all sniping and long-range tactical applications with a plethora of options that make it unique on the global market. Offering perfectly matched ballistics, all RUAG Swiss P cartridges provide the same point of impact over the operational range, so that even should tactical situations require a load change, no adjustment would be required, allowing the shooter to remain entirely focused on the mission and obtain outstainding first-shot effects.

RUAG Swiss P
"RUAG's Swiss P loads represent some of the finest and most highly appreciated sniping and long-range accuracy shooting cartridges available on the global professional market today"

RUAG's Swiss P rounds are available with nine different balls: the standard military, Match-grade FMJs; the Target tombac-jacketed HPBT balls for maximum accuracy; the Styx Action, sporting a fast-expanding hollow point that matches the perfectly dosed propellant to deliver maximum stopping power and reduce overpenetration risks to near zero; the Final and Subsonic Final rounds, patterned after a popular hunting round and specifically conceived to deliver outstanding terminal ballistics out of semi-automatic rifles thanks to their pre-fragmented core; the Subsonic ball, conceived to be used on sound-suppressed and silenced firearms; the Tactical flat-nosed, binary brass-jacketed ball that will allow shooters to reach targets even behind glass or other types of cover; the Armor Piercing rounds, with a tungsten carbide penetrator; and the API round, whose titanium tip will release brightly glowing sparks upon impact providing incendiary and marking capacities with no chemical payload whatsoever.

RUAG offers the Swiss P line of ammunition in a plethora of calibers, including all the most popular long-range shooting and sniping chamberings used by military and Police forces around the globe. The latest entry in the field is the .300 AAC "Blackout" chambering, whose popularity is increasing in Europe after the outstanding success on the US market as it provides top-notch accuracy and stopping power performances at 300 metres while remaining totally compatible with silencers or sound suppressors.

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