RUAG joins the Brünig Indoor Shooting Sports Center

The BRÜNIG INDOOR Swiss shooting center can be described as "one of its kind in the world". Marksmen, hunters and police units can practice over thirty disciplines at the underground shooting ranges. Brünig Indoor’s event and training venue is located in old mining tunnels, and offers a unique experience. Competitive sportsmen as well as professional and recreational shooters will appreciate the professional training conditions of the entire facility. Every year, many competitions and a wide variety of recreational events are held there.

The new partner, RUAG Ammotec, is the market leader in Europe for small-caliber ammunition. Premium brands like RWS, ROTTWEIL, NORMA and SWISS P (for forces and authorities) are synonymous with highest quality, reliability and precision. 

Matthias Vogel, Vice President of Marketing at RUAG Ammotec, commented on the manufacturer's commitment to BRÜNIG INDOOR as follows:  


"By investing in Brünig Indoor, we are sending a clear signal of our commitment in the Swiss market to Swiss and international shooters. At Brünig Indoor, our customers can, not only take advantage of ideal training and competition opportunities, but also of best service and an extensive range of premium ammunition.

A powerful and futuristic partnership – this is how we work together for the future of shooting sports, on the behalf of our customers."  

The joint marketing activities in the past few months are already bearing fruit and leading to an increase in business for both the Brünig Indoor center and ammunition sales. You can buy ammunition and rent equipment at the same place.

Background information: 

RUAG is an international technology group involved in aerospace (air and space travel) and defense (security and defense). Its headquarters are in Bern (CH). RAUG has production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, France, Australia and the United States with approximately 7,700 employees worldwide, including 5,000 in Switzerland.