Norma Ballistics:an app for hunters and shooters

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Carin Höglund, head of the project for improving digital channels at Norma Precision, summarized the launch of the new app Norma Ballistics in the following manner: “It feels great to be able to respond to the wishes of our customers in such a manner.

The app is a natural result of our new design for the ballistic program on the web, which we´ve accomplished in cooperation with our development team. Since its inception a few weeks ago, we´ve gotten immediate and positive feedback including a few additional suggestions, so we are already working on a couple of those.”

Aside from the ballistic program and Norma’s cartridges, you also get access to the complete Reloading Data in a searchable and handy format. In combination with the offline-accessibility and the user-friendly design, the app acts as a proverbial ammunitions-encyclopedia that serves as an excellent tool for both the casual hunter as well as the most fanatic long-range expert.

Norma Ballistics - The app at a glance

  • Mobile version of the program for ballistic calculations.
  • Access to Norma’s product line with superb search and filtering options.
  • Possibilities to give feedback to Norma Precision
  • Slated for release the 15th of May for Android, with an iOS version to follow shortly thereafter.
  • KEYWORD for the search in the app stores: NORMA BALLISTICS.

> Download NORMA BALLISTICS for Android


For more information:

Carin Höglund  
+46 (0) 571 31592