Geco 2013 New Products

GECO is synonymous with good, middle priced hunting and sporting ammunition. At IWA 2013, GECO will be exhibiting once more an enlarged rifle cartridge segment with two additional bullets: GECO Plus and GECO Express. GECO Plus is a bonded, high quality bullet designed for big game. GECO Express has a new, streamlined bullet shape with a plastic tip that offers a high level of precision and is consistently effective over long distances. From summer 2013, a new calibre will be available: 6.5 x 55 for GECO Plus. The bottom line: an interesting range with a total of 15 calibres will be available for hunters seeking an excellent price/performance ratio. New rimfire cartridges from GECO in the small bore range: the .22 LR Semi Auto - training ammunition, optimized for semi-automatics and pistols. The new product will be out in the market in summer 2013.GECO ammunition is also distributed internationally. At the 2013 SHOT Show, reported, that the entire GECO range of sporting and hunting ammunition is to be launched in the US this spring.

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