GECO 2016: New products for IPSC shooting

The first ammunitions manufacturer to do so worldwide, GECO now offers a complete range of products for IPSC shooting and dynamic shooting disciplines. It is not only shooting with handguns which has grown in popularity — shotguns and small-bore rifles and pistols are also gaining an increasing amount of attention. That is why GECO has decided to complement its existing IPSC range comprising small-bore ammunition, rifle cartridges and shotgun cartridges with three new shotgun shells as well as a specially developed .22lr rimfire cartridge.

GECO ammunition
IWA 2016: GECO provides 3 new ammunition options for the IPSC shotgun divisions

The new GECO rimfire cartridge for IPSC

The new GECO .22lr DYNAM-X was designed specifically for the needs of IPSC shooters. It generates 90% less lead emissions thanks to its non-polluting primer and the innovative shot coating. Studies have shown that around 75% of the lead emitted from rimfire cartridges comes from the projectiles. With the GECO .22lr DYNAM-X, the manufacturer RUAG has reduced the lead emissions in the shooter's path and in closed shooting ranges by over 90% by combining SINTOX — which is free of heavy metals and non-polluting — with optimized and coated projectiles. The GECO DYNAM-X is available in a bulk pack containing 450 cartridges. This significantly facilitates the handling of the cartridges.

GECO Bird Shot 31
IWA 2016: GECO provides 3 new ammunition options for the IPSC shotgun divisions. Here GECO DYNAMIC BIRD SHOT 31

Three new GECO shotgun cartridges for IPSC

GECO now covers all cartridge types for the IPSC shotgun category. Whether it's for stages with falling targets, where mainly lead projectiles are used, or for stages in which buckshot must be used, or for exercises which need to be completed with shotgun slugs: the new GECO range has the right shotgun cartridge for every situation and shooting range.

In addition to the GECO Coated Competition Slug which has been available for several years now, GECO now offers three additional shot variants for IPSC:


GECO COATED COMPETITION BUCK SHOT – a buckshot cartridge with 8 shotgun pellets

GECO DYNAMIC BIRD SHOT 29 – a lead shot cartridge with a 29g load

GECO DYNAMIC BIRD SHOT 31 – a lead shot cartridge with a 31g load


During dynamic shotgun shooting, the aim is to achieve good coverage, i.e. a tight burst. This is why all new cartridges are equipped with a shot cup that is laterally closed to reliably prevent the shot from scattering excessively.

Details and prices for the new GECO IPSC shotgun cartridges for 2016

No. per
Price per

Coated Competition Slug

Coated Competition Buck Shot    

Dynamic Bird Shot 29


Dynamic Bird Shot 31


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