GECO .38 special: New indoor cartridge

The portfolio of the GECO indoor cartridges includes the calibers 9 mm Luger 8g, 9x21 8g, and the newly developed GECO .38 Special 10.2g CLRN, which was unveiled at the IWA 2016. Starting in 2016, the first two cartridges are now also equipped with Sintox primer — i.e. Super Clean technology. 

The brand-new .38 CLRN also uses this technology.    

One approach GECO has taken for protecting the shooter is the loading of copper-plated projectiles. The copper plating completely covers the lead core, thereby greatly reducing lead emissions. 

This design also contributes to reducing wear on steel rib backstops and shooting range equipment, as the plated projectiles are softer and hence easier on the ribs. Furthermore, the amount of chips from the GECO projectiles is reduced to a minimum.         

In a nutshell: GECO now provides the major calibers in a health-, environmentally- and shooting range-friendly version. The new version of the .38 special for revolvers is available now. 50 rounds are priced at €21.30.

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