Wiley X: sunglasses for active lifestyle

Introduced in 2017, WX Nash eyewear by Wiley X offers superior visual performance and state-of-the-art protection with an exceptional mechanical strength.

The WX Nash series already came in three frame/lens color combinations to suit a wide variety of outdoor activities, with a Matte Black frame and a choice of grey lenses, polarized smoke grey lenses, or polarized blue mirror (green tinted) lenses. Now Wiley X also offers the Nash Pol Green Plat Flash with Kryptek Altitude frame in a camo pattern designed for alpine (above tree-line) environments where conditions are extreme. 

Wiley X NASH: features

WX Nash glasses with Matte Black frame and polarized blue mirror lenses
The WX Nash glasses are also available with a Matte Black frame and polarized blue mirror (green tinted) lenses.

All the WX Nash series sunglasses share the same top protective characteristics, providing OSHA-grade vision protection. The main material of the lenses is shatterproof selenite polycarbonate that meets or exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Standards, which means that the lenses must withstand the impact of a steel ball with a diameter of 6.4 mm at a speed of 50-100 m/s (177-350 km/h). This material is also resistant to any physical effects.

A special T-Shell coating protects the lenses against scratches and fogging.

Wiley X lenses provide 100% protection against both UVA rays (the long-wave part of the ultraviolet spectrum) and UVB rays (medium-wavelength ultraviolet), with an exceptional sharpness of the contours, an enhanced color and halftone contrast, with distorsion-free clarity.

Moreover, Wiley X’s exclusive Digiforce digital Rx lens technology ensures superior prescription accuracy and visual clarity over the widest possible field of vision, making Wiley X shades ideal for active men and women who need prescription lenses.

Price for the Wiley X Pol Green Plat Flash with Kryptek Altitude frame sunglasses is 140 USD. Included are a black zippered case, a leash cord with rubber temple grips and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

For further information, visit the Wiley X website.