Two trigger pull gauges from Lyman and Wheeler – This is how the measuring devices from work

Both presented models are fundamentally different: one is an analog model from Wheeler, the other is a digital version from the manufacturer Lyman. It goes without saying that the Lyman gauge will have more features than the Wheeler scale. However, we are also talking about different prices at this point. For example, the Wheeler Trigger Pull Scale retails for 28.77 euros at, while the Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gauge changes hands for well over twice that price at 68.50 euros.

The Trigger Pull Scale from Wheeler

Wheeler Trigger Scale with 1911 pistol.
The scale of the Wheeler device is basically easy to read. Unfortunately, it only shows the weight in pounds.

This analog model has a spring inside, with a rod connected to it. This rod is placed over the trigger and the weight compresses the spring. The value can then be read on the scale on the side when the trigger breaks. This is helped by a sliding plastic insert that travels with it. The scale is in pounds only. So if you need the value in grams, you have to convert it yourself.

The use itself is extremely simple: the yellow pointer is set to zero. Then the trigger is pulled through with the scale handle until it breaks. The yellow triangle then indicates the maximum weight reached, which should correspond to the gun's trigger pull weight. The biggest problem here, however, turned out to be "letting go" as soon as the gun was triggered. Especially for guns featuring a trigger stop, and generally when the trigger does not fall far into the void, it is hardly possible to stop the continuous pull. At the Wheeler Trigger Pull Scale is available for 28.77 euro.

The digital Trigger Pull Gauge from Lyman 

Two trigger pull gauges from Lyman and Wheeler - the 4 controls
As you can see from the 4 controls, the gauge offers some features.

One thing in advance: is not 100% impartial here, because for a long time in our tests we have been using (besides the trigger scan system) the predecessor model of the Lyman device resented here. The great advantage of digital technology is that the trigger release is registered when the trigger actually breaks. This means that if one continues to pull after triggering, the displayed weight does not increase, but continues to show the actual highest measured weight until breaking. Thus, the major downside of Wheeler's device is simply digitally eliminated. Another advantage, in addition to the display in pounds and grams, is the ability to take many measurements at a time and have the device display the average.

Lyman Trigger Gauge in the packaging.
 In the latest version of the Trigger Pull Gauge from Lyman, the measuring rod no longer needs to be unscrewed. It is simply pushed in.

One advantage of the current device over its predecessor is the new connection between the scale and the measuring linkage. With the old version, the linkage had to be screwed into the device and countered accordingly. This was relatively time-consuming if you wanted to perform some measurements "on the fly". With the new version, the rod is now embedded in the housing and can be pulled out. It locks open and the measurements can start immediately. A slight pressure then brings the arm back into the device.

Which device for which user?

The advice here is clear: of you want to measure trigger pull weight more than 1-2 times a year, you should definitely invest your money in a digital device. The more precise measurements and the increased range of functions justify the extra price in any case.

The two devices in the presentation came from our partner Many thanks for that. They can also be purchased there. (Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge as well as Wheeler Trigger Pull Scale)

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