Savior Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case – Carry your rifle discreetly

Savior Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case for rifles
The guitar case by Savior features a side carrying handle and a top drag handle.

The use of guitar cases for carrying guns without being noticed is not “movie stuff” – and you don't need to be a hitman to use such a case either. In many situations, there is simply no point in drawing any attention if you are carrying a rifle or shotgun. That's why some manufacturers offer “guitar cases” that are specifically designed for firearms. Savior Equipment, a US company, is one of them: at Savior they describe their product as the “ultimate guitar case” that “gives you the protection of a hardcase without the glare of prying eyes”.

The short parody video below in cooperation with CMMG, another US company already well known for its AR-15-type rifles (see here for the Resolute and Endeavour models), helps understanding the concept:

Video: Savior Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case 

Savior Guitar Case, customized to your needs

The Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case features both a side carrying handle and a top drag handle – wheels are enclosed for easier movement. It offers a fully customizable layout with three 1.5” thick interior foam inserts that can be cut to your needs and allows you to alternate between different layouts. It features a high-impact polymer shell, polyurethane ester foam sheets, 6 latches, and can be locked. Full size is 46” H x 18” L x 6” W (internal size: 45” H x 17” L x 5” W). The Savior Discreet Ultimate Guitar Hard Case can be yours for 199.95 USD. And sure, you can also use it for your guitar...