Endurance test: G.P.S. Tactical solutions for handguns and ammo transporting from the STROBL.cz online store

transport backpack and range bag
The classic from G.P.S. Tactical: transport backpack and range bag from STROBL.cz online store: with carefully thought-out interior partitioning and a cradle for four handguns.

This test is about intelligent solutions for firearms and ammo transporting from Strobl.cz online store. After all, it is not only journeys to distant shooting ranges where major championships are held that take longer. Often, these competition venues are also widely laid out to accommodate as many athletes as possible. Conversely, that means long distances and lugging. Anyone who owns several handguns is familiar with this: the large bag with firearms and accessories in one hand, and the much heavier bag with ammo in the other. First from the parking lot to registration, then to the gun check, then to the shooting range. It's no wonder that wheels have long since become the norm for bags, suitcases and backpacks. If you are tight on time, you will arrive at the stand not only with long arms but also out of breath. And who wants that?

What should you look for when buying G.P.S. range bags?

It packs up to ten handguns
It packs up to ten handguns: the Tactical Rolling Range Bag (right) is not only suitable for shooters with many handguns. Because of its significantly larger wheels, it is also suitable for shooting ranges with extensive outdoor facilities. Reference: STROBL.cz.

The small trolley for four handguns has small wheels, the large one for eight to ten guns has large wheels – logical. All joking aside: transport bags, whether with or without wheels, have so far had only a few places for fixing handguns, usually defined by loops or inside pockets. Otherwise, guns are placed in cases as protection against scratches. Five or six cases placed on top of each other give an idea of the volume involved. The quadruple compartment in the Rolling Handgunner Backpack, or the six-gun compartment in the Tactical Rolling Range Bag saves space with shockproof safety. The G.P.S. products are well thought out. In the case of the Rolling Handgunner Backpack, this is illustrated by the hierarchy of the nine external pockets, the top one of which is adorned with the "Hearing Protection" pictogram. And this is the first thing to reach for at the shooting range as quickly as possible when the others are already making noise.

Magazine loops define the function of some pockets. There are six small inner pockets, some with pictograms, some without. Outside pocket number ten stores the carrying frame of the backpack. The Tactical Rolling Range Bag is dominated by a large cradle for six handguns; there are four further pockets, for two average and two compact handguns. Thus, up to ten pieces can be transported. It features seven – and of these, four relatively large – interior pockets. Five of the seven external pockets are also more voluminous than those of its smaller brother. As with the latter, there are double sliders with loops on each exterior zipper, so each pocket can be closed. The long, telescoping pull handle on both trolleys protects even long-legged passengers from heel collisions.

G.P.S. Tactical with a risk of scratches
G.P.S. Tactical with a risk of scratches. But there is a simple solution: the screws of the Tactical Rolling Range Bag protruding into the compartments need nut cover caps made of plastic to prevent scratches. Or the screws would need to be unscrewed and reversed so their heads sit inside.

On the large model, the screws that fix the gun cradle are unpleasantly noticeable. They protrude into the cradle – unfortunately, scratches on the guns are inevitable. Our simple remedy: remove the screws and tighten them from the inside out. This way the nasty end points outward, and the smooth (Phillips) head sits inside. The screws can also be left as they are and covered with M5 plastic nut cover caps, which also safely prevents scratches. There is still a wish for more ground clearance. It could use a few centimeters more by moving the large wheels out, then the Tactical Rolling Range Bag would be even more suitable for unpaved terrain.

Warning triangle as a case
Dual use for shooters: empty as a warning triangle, with contents as a case for handguns. For sporting guns with 6" barrel, it will unfortunately be tight.

Only the body length of the wearer, on the other hand, determines the ground clearance of the Tall Range Backpack. This outwardly classic backpack has four storage cases, each for a handgun plus four magazines, in two external pockets. Five additional exterior pockets and five interior pockets do not allow for cluttering of the rest of the gear.

The Roadway Hazard Markers case can be seen more as a gag than as a space-saving case, especially since the interior already becomes cramped with a compact handgun. The case costs around 50 euros. Why the Rolling Handgunner Backpack is offered at around 208 euros, significantly cheaper than the "simple" Tall Range Backpack (302 euros) was not clear to the testers. At around 306 euros, the larger Tactical Rolling Range Bag is comparatively inexpensive.

Test wrap-up: what are the advantages of G.P.S. range bags from STROBL.cz 

G.P.S. offers the shooter highly specialized solutions for transporting firearms and ammunition with these well thought-out transport systems. This is much more than just "modified hand luggage", as we were able to experience very well in practice during our test. In addition to the very robust impression, the practical compartments and the respective very well estimated space requirements stand out positively. The clear favorite of our testers is the Rolling Handgunner Backpack, which allows all types of transport. The fastest and easiest way to get your range bag is to order online at STROBL.cz. You can find all products, prices and links in our online shopping box.

Many more favorable offers for hunters, sport shooters and reloaders are available online at STROBL.cz from Czech Republic.

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Die getesteten Rangebags bei strobl.cz online kaufen:

G.P.S. Tactical Rolling Range Bag305,66 Euro

G.P.S. Rolling Handgunner IPSC Backpack207,27 Euro

Roadway Hazard Markers Futteral50,58 Euro