Piotti Brothers’ elegant guns

In Gardone Val Trompia, near Brescia (Italy), thousands of guns are produced every year, but only a few of them really catch the eye.

The unique guns of Fratelli Piotti

Piotti with one of his over/under shotguns
Piotti is proudly wielding one of his over/under shotguns. Behind him, the family vault.

Guns forged by hand that require a commitment of over 1000 hours of work by artists who continue an ancient history with passion and professionalism.

Among these, the Piotti brothers for sure, Rudy, Fabio and Sergio, who today are the main worldwide reference point for all the hunters who want to wield a precious jewel.

Un momento della lavorazione dei fucili Piotti
Inside the Piotti workshop each piece is made from solid blocks, a long and delicate work.

Inside their workshop, any gun, from side-by-side shotguns to optic-equipped break-action Kipplaufs, is made piece by piece, starting from solid blocks up to the receiver body, the barrels and even the screws.

Very few pieces per year, sometimes innovative and ingenious, that combine classic and modern, custom-made for the hunter and… his or her prey.

We from all4hunters have been guests in their workshop for a whole day and we tried to tell you what we saw with this video: enjoy it.

For more information please visit Piotti website.