Classic & affordable: Churchill 812 Field over/under shotgun in 12 gauge

European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.), a Florida-based company specializing in  “good quality products at reasonable prices”, introduces a very classic over/under 12-ga shotgun, the Churchill 812 Field. Built by Akkar, a Turkish gun manufacturer operating since 1985, the Churchill 800 series was launched by in 2012. The Churchill 812 Field in particular is designed for hunting and clay target shooting alike. featuring a good balance and easy swing. Thanks to an affordable price of 861 USD,  the Churchill is also perfect as an entry gun for shotgun sports.

Churchill 812 Field, quality made in Turkey

The Churchill 812 Field over/under shotgun
Barrel is 28”/71 cm barrel, featuring a vented rib and a fiber optic front sight. 

Akkar was first founded as a small manufacturing facility in Istanbul that focused entirely on producing parts for the shotgun and automobile industries. In 1992 they started producing and distributing the first pump-action and gas-operated semi-automatic shotguns. Akkar then partnered with other names and began producing break open shotguns creating its own Churchill brand, first with with the lightweight 206 series launched in 2005, and then with the Mammut 300 three-barreled shotgun series. The 800 series followed, with its classical look and ergonomic design.

The Churchill 812 in fact features a standard checkered walnut stock and forend. The steel receiver is matte nickel finished. On the 28”/71 cm barrel, a vented rib leads to a fiber optic front sight. The Churchill 812 Field also comes with auto ejectors, auto safety, and three extended choke tubes. Weight is around 6 lb/2.7 kg. In the same series, Akkar also offers other models in different gauges, such as the 820 Field in 20 ga, the 828 Field in 28 ga and the 836 Field in .410 bore. Price is still the same, at 861.00 USD.

The stock and forend of the Churchill 812 Field over/under shotgun
On the Churchill 812 stock and forend are standard walnut, while the steel receiver is matte nickel finished. 
The Churchill 812 Field comes with auto ejectors, auto safety.  
The Churchill 812 Field comes with auto ejectors, auto safety, and three extended choke tubes.

As a footnote, it's worth noting that Akkar catalog includes a wide range of sporting, hunting and tactical designs that are produced in different gauges and calibers under 14 registered trademarks. Moreover, their production ethic follows The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) standards and also tested and recognized by CIP (International Proof Commission) standards for being compatible with steel shot – an interesting detail in a time when environmental awareness is rapidly rising against lead pellets polluting the nature.