Benelli M2: the renewed range of versatile hunting semi-automatic shotguns

The fore-end with the new raised design is one of the recognizable features of the Benelli M2: ergonomic and suitable for hands of different sizes.

The Benelli M2 semiautomatic, a shotgun that has been accompanying hunters for years  in every environment with manifest satisfaction, needs no introduction. In 2023 the range has been completely updated both in design and in some technical details that increase ergonomics, practicality and performance in the field. The new M2 semi-automatics are available in 12- and 20-gauge, with a black technopolymer stock and a Max 7 camo version for those who love camo patterns and waterfowl hunting in particular. The new pattern – an evolution of the Max 5 – faithfully reproduces the vegetation of wooded and marshy environments in a three-dimensional design. We were able to try both versions in skeet shooting sessions at the range to get a technical and sensitive field response to tell you about.

A moment from our field test of the Benelli M2, first with clay pigeons on the firing range, then on the hunting grounds.

New features of the Benelli M2 semi-automatic

The lines of the new Benelli M2s are streamlined and sporty, simple overall and designed for versatile and intense use of the shotgun for those seeking above all substance and functionality without demanding elegance. The matte anodized reeciver is more rounded and tapered at the rear than in the past. Different choices of some geometric details of the design allow optimized swinging and quick, intuitive movements during loading and unloading operations, which in many cases can be made without having to use your eyes. The Easy Loading and Easy Locking systems featured by these shotguns make it possible to always have the gun ready to fire even with a silent bolt closing, while the loading port of the magazine tube is enlarged and sliding for smooth and fast insertion and unloading. Also helping an easier loading is the revised shape of the trigger guard, that guides your hand when inserting cartridges.

The enlarged loading port, the geometry of the trigger guard: with the Easy Loading and Easy Locking systems, the Benelli M2s are always ready to fire and smooth when loading and unloading.

The technopolymer stock is distinguished and recognizable from previous versions by its new design, which includes integrated sling swivel attachments and a revised pistol grip that allows intuitive and natural wrist movement when aiming. The technopolymer stock and fore-end also ensure that the gun is durable and practical in any environment and in different weather situations. These materials also contribute to the the M2's reduced weight and better ergonomics. The fore-end also features a raised design to make the grip firmer and swinging precise even when used by differently sized hands. Adding to the raised design is the Air Touch checkering that reduces sweating and keeps the grip stable. The operating system of the Benelli M2 is obviously the inertia driven system, with a magnum chambering. An important new feature is the revised and lightened trigger, reduced to 2.2 kg. It's accurate and fast, as we noticed when firing follow-up shots both on clay pigeons and on the hunting ground.

The new lightened trigger, reduced to 2.2 kg, is crisp and fast in follow-up shots.

The available barrels, equipped with a set of 5 crio chokes, allow the hunter to use the shotgun in the woods both for stalking and hide hunting. Available lengths are 61, 65, 70 and 76 cm for the 12-gauge M2 Black, and 65, 70 and 76 cm for the 12-gauge M2 Max 7.

The new Benelli M2 semiautomatics are fitted with a two-shot limiter plug in the magazine tube but, where allowed by law, they can be fitted with  +2/+4/+7 round extensions for the 12-ga M2 Black and a +4 round extension for the 12-ga M2 Max 7. Like other Benelli shotguns, the M2s come with drop and cast variation kit that allows for customization. There is also the option of simply changing the polyurethane foam recoil pad: it comes in 365 mm length but is also available in different sizes. For those who want a gun that is more compact and even lighter, the new 12/76 and 20/76 M2s are also available in Compact versions, characterized by a shorter stock and slightly reduced weight also thanks to the 65 cm barrel length for the 12/76 and 61cm for the 20/76, available in both models: M2 Black Compact and M2 Max 7 Compact. The 3.1 kg overall weight of the 12-gauge semi-automatics can be considered standard, while in the compact versions it stops at 2.950 kg in 12-gauge, to drop to 2.550 kg for the 20/76.

For more information on M2 semiautomatics please visit the Benelli website.

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