Benelli 828U Limited Edition: field test of an exclusive over-and-under

The 828U BE.ST Steel Limited Edition over-and-under is offered in 12-gauge in a limited series of 500 pieces.

That it is an 828U is recognizable by the features of its receiver and the mechanics it shares with the other Benelli versions of this over-and-under, but it is immediately obvious from the engravings that this is an exclusive and limited version. The hand of the master engravers has reproduced in a realistic absolutely original way hunting scenes and wild animals in flight, gold inlaid on the receiver's silver-plated surfaces, creating light effects that enhance the shotgun's proportions and shapes. Pheasants in flight embellish the right side of the receiver while a flight of partridges is reproduced on the left. Northern bobwhites among floral scrolls complement the subjects of the engravings on the receiver bottom, where the model name and serial number are also shown. The elegance of the oil-finished grade 5 walnut wood is not interrupted on the buttstock by the soft polyurethane pad, part of the Benelli Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system housed inside the stock itself. The technology and mechanics that have made enthusiasts appreciate the 828U remain otherwise the same and the functionality of the hunting shotgun is not impaired. This version, however, also wants to pay homage to the made-in-Italy gunmaking and artistic tradition.

Video: Benelli 828U Limited Edition test

Testing the 828U Limited Edition over-and-under

A tradition-filled day allowed us to not only admire the beauty, but also experience the performance of the Benelli over-and-under, hunting with Italian pointers in the Montefeltro territories of Rivergaro, Italy.

The 828U Limited Edition over-and-under is a pleasant hunting gun to shoot, and Benelli gave us a chance to try it directly in the field by hosting us in the Rivergaro estate managed by the Montefeltro tour operator, in Italy. We had already shot the 828U on the range appreciating its stability and the performance of the Crio Power Bore barrels on the sporting clays, but a shotgun like the one in question had to be rightly experienced also in the countryside, where nature and dogs know how to give a hunter authentic sensations. The BE.S.T. treatment used on the Crio Power Bore barrels ensures high resistance to corrosion, wear and tear and external agents. Available to the hunter is a set of internal and interchangeable chokes too. The barrels also allow, as the model name indicates, the use of steel shot ammo. The over-and-under is available in 12 gauge; the barrels feature a 76 mm magnum chamber and are available in lengths of 65/70/76 cm.

Immediate wielding and instinctive aiming are ensured by the numerous adjustment options of drop and cast, thanks to the shim kit provided by Benelli, allowing for 40 different combinations according to your individual needs. The weight of the over-and-under is standard, well-balanced but not ultra-light, at 3.3 kg. Our experience ended pleasantly in the sign of tradition, accompanied by two Italian pointers that made our test among the hills of Piacenza even more unique.

Pheasants and partridges in flight with gold inlays and floral scrolls embellish the 828U Limited Edition over-and-under's hand-engraved receiver. The Cryo Power Bore barrels are protected by Benelli's BE.ST anti-corrosion treatment, while mechanics and the Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system are designed to get the best in the field from this gun that, while exclusive in aesthetics, also performs well when hunting. 

For more information on the 828U Limited Edition over-and-under please visit the Benelli website.

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