The Cross goes Magnum: new SIG Sauer Cross rifle in .300 Win.Mag.

It was 2020 when SIG Sauer launched the Cross rifle, its first precision bolt-action since the 1990s, originally chambered in .277 SIG Fury, a cartridge  specially developed for the new rifle. After years of testing and feedback from the field, SIG Sauer introduces the Cross Magnum chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum. 

The Cross Magnum comes with a 24”/609 mm user changeable, 5R medium contour barrel. Handguard is free-floating.

“The release answers the call to bring magnum-class calibers to the Cross family of bolt-action rifles while building on the foundation and innovation that made the Cross a leader in its class,” they say. But as the manufacturer points out, it's “far more than just a larger caliber Cross”: the next progression of the Cross Rifle Platform is a feature-rich firearm, starting with the  receiver design. First of all, the Cross Magnum allows for easy and quick barrel changes while keeping your scope and pic-rail mounted.

The folding adjustable precision stock of the Cross Magnum features a newly designed hinge.

Add to this a free-floating handguard, a full-length M-Lok and ARCA rail handguard, forward angle PRS style grip and right thumb rest safety, and a folding adjustable precision stock. The one-piece receiver is aluminum coyote anodized, and the trigger is a two-stage match type. The Cross Magnum comes with a 24”/609 mm user changeable, 5R medium contour barrel. The SIG Sauer Cross Magnum also ships with a 6-round AICS magazine. All this doesn't come for cheap though, since the new rifle is priced at $2,499.99 (MSRP in the U.S.). 

SIG Sauer Cross Magnum in video

SIG Sauer Cross Magnum: precision, power and performance

As mentioned above, the Cross Magnum is chambered in .300 Win.Mag. but the action length is capable of handling cartridges as long as the .300 PRC, providing maximum cartridge capabilities while maintaining its lightweight, foldable design. 

The forward angle PRS style grip and right thumb rest safety of the Cross Magnum. Trigger is a two-stage match type.

The newly designed folding stock hinge is intuitive to use while offering  better stock-retention and a stronger lock-up.

The full-length ARCA and M-Lok rail allow for the use of bipods and tripods in the field. The integrated radial compensator design reduces the felt recoil of the magnum caliber by forty-five percent, according to SIG.

“The development of the Cross Magnum pushes the boundaries of innovation for a bolt-action platform and delivers on precision, power, and performance” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales. “The Cross Magnum is feature-rich, performance built, and ready for the hunt.”

SIG Sauer Cross Magnum specs and price


.300 Win.Mag.

Barrel Length: 
24”/609 mm
Barrel Twist: 
Overall Length: 
45.2”/148 mm
Overall Height: 
7.25”/184 mm
Overall Width: 
3.25”/83 mm
Weight (with Magazine): 
8.9 lb/4.04 kg
Two-stage match type
Receiver Finish: 
Coyote anodized