Safety recall for Beretta BRX1 rifle

From the Beretta press office comes a safety recall for the newly introduced BRX-1 satright-pull repeater. The manufacturer informs that ”recently the improper use of one of our BRX1 rifles has led to problems related to safety although not dependent on the product in question. Specifically, a user has reversed the charging handle on the bolt without positioning it correctly in its seat as indicated in the user manual. It should be noted that this event did not cause any injury.
“Despite the fact that Beretta cannot be held responsible for any human error on the part of third parties” and the ”very remote” possibility of such a mistake, the manufacturer has decided to take firm action by issuing a general product recall since “even a residual possibility is unacceptable by Beretta standards”.
We are in the process of contacting all of our customers through the armory – the press release reads – so that they can return their guns to the point of purchase and the BRX1s will return to the company where it can be fitted with an updated part that eliminates the aforementioned eventuality. We owe it to our customers who always expect the best from us, both in terms of product quality and as a means for a rewarding experience.”

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