CZ 557 Ranger bolt-action rifle in .308 Winchester - The new "Limited Edition"

CZ 557 Ranger bolt-action rifle 
The 557 Ranger too uses the long-proven action of the series.

The repeaters of the 557 series from the Czech manufacturer CZ are real classics among the less expensive hunting rifles. The technical basis are modernized actions à la Mauser, with short extractor and spring-loaded ejector. In addition, a two-position slide safety is used. Experience shows that the hunter can manipulate these relatively silently. The hunter can buy the CZ 557 in many different versions and calibers, for example the Luxus or Eclipse models. The former comes with a classy wooden stock, while the latter, less expensive version is equipped with an all-black polymer stock.

The special model, which is the subject of this article, optionally comes with both: a stock made of synthetic material (Synthetic) or one made of wood (Walnut). However, it also comes with a whole range of other features. We are talking about the new CZ 557 Ranger in .308 Winchester, which is only available for a limited time.

Technical features of the 557 Ranger models from CZ in detail

CZ 557 Ranger bolt-action rifle in .308 Winchester
Thanks to the M14x1 thread, the hunter can mount a silencer on the CZ 557 Ranger without any problems.

As mentioned, the special edition Ranger comes with either a synthetic stock or one made of walnut with an oil finish. In the case of the former, CZ has made the cheek piece adjustable. So, the shooter can adjust it according to his own physique and the optics used. If you opt for the wooden stock variant, the cheek piece shows a Monte Carlo style.

Common to both versions is the cold-forged barrel with a length of 520 millimeters (20"). It has an M14x1 thread at the muzzle. This is almost mandatory nowadays and allows in particular the mounting of a silencer.

A striking feature of this Ranger version is the extended Weaver rail on the top of the action. In principle, the entire range of available target optics can be mounted there, from red dots to long range scopes. The decisive factor is therefore the intended field of use in hunting. Accordingly, CZ has not equipped the 557 Ranger with iron sights.

In contrast to other variants of the 557, a removable magazine is used for feeding. The standard version holds four cartridges. However, a ten-round magazine is also available as an option.

the limited edition CZ 557 Ranger model
For the limited edition CZ 557 Ranger model, the customer has the choice of stock material. If he chooses wood, the 557 comes with a walnut stock with oil finish.

CZ 557 Ranger models specs and prices

CZ 557 Ranger SyntheticCZ 557 Ranger Walnut
1199 euro 
1299 euro
.308 Winchester.308 Winchester
Magazine Capacity: 
4 + 1 rounds (10 +1 optional) 
4 + 1 rounds (10 +1 optional)
Overall Length: 
41”/1042 mm 
40.9”/1040 mm
Barrel Length: 
20"/520 mm 
20"/520 mm 
Twist Rate: 
1:10" 1:10"
112.8 oz/3200 g   
109.3 oz/3100 g
Bolt-action rifle with synthetic stock, M14x1 muzzle thread, extra-long Weaver rail, 2-position slide safety, adjustable cheek piece 
Bolt-action rifle with oiled walnut stock, M14x1 muzzle thread, extra-long Weaver rail, 2-position slide safety, Monte Carlo cheek piece

Hunting uses for the CZ Ranger 557 in .308 Winchester

One question remains: for which uses is this equipment package suitable? Basically, the 557 Ranger is a universal rifle. The .308 Winchester caliber, which is suitable for big game, can handle almost any hunting area, the rail allows a wide selection of optics, and the solid action will hardly let the hunter down. However, if you look at details such as the relatively short barrel, the adjustable synthetic stock and the durability of the material, the rifle is particularly suitable as a companion for driven hunts, as well as for tracking. However, this will not prevent them from a good figure in still hunting. Hunters looking for a well-equipped rifle with an attractive price-performance ratio should take a closer look at the Ranger.

For more information please visit the CZ website.

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