CZ 557 Lux II, a modern rifle with a vintage soul

Making the transition from one model to another is always a challenge for a company, whether it's a car or gun manufacturer. CZ has always been rather cautious in choosing which elements have to be changed to make a gun evolve, as it knows that the sporting guns sector is always avid for novelties but also very traditionalist.

For example, thanks to the technological advances of current cartridges, the new .22 Long Rifle CZ 455 series models are more compact. However, in the transition to the new series, the company has progressively introduced models with more traditional features, which got a great response from conservative customers.

Features of the CZ 557 Lux II repeating rifle

Now, CZ has decided to take a similar approach with the CZ 557 series rifles. As with rimfire rifles, the action has not been touched (even if the use of the more sophisticated push-feed system instead of the good old Mauser 98 design met a somewhat lukewarm reception by some traditionalists).

For those who find the CZ 557 basic version with a fully adjustable trigger, a safety that allows you to operate the bolt even when engaged and a 520 mm long barrel too innovative, there is a new model – the CZ 557 Lux II.

CZ 557 Lux II, right side-view
Side-view of the CZ 557 Lux II bolt action rifle.

The rifle sports an oil-finished European walnut stock with a cheekpiece on the left side, an SST trigger assembly with stecher, a cold-hammered 610 mm barrel, while the safety that allows to operate the bolt when engaged has been maintained. 

These features should meet the requirements of even the most conservative hunters. The CZ 557 Lux II is equipped with an adjustable and reversible rear sight coupled with a height-adjustable fiber optic front sight.

Tradition is fully respected also in the choice of the available calibers that for now are the 7x64, 8x57IS, .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester. For the first three calibers the capacity of the detachable magazine is 5 rounds, while in .308 capacity is 4 cartridges.

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