Blaser R8 Carbon Success. Because weight matters

From next autumn a new Blaser rifle will be available to hunters: the R8 Carbon Success. With a carbon fiber stock – a material used even in the aerospace industry for its strength and lightweight properties – the new rifle devised by the Blaser Custom Shop is 300 grams lighter than the standard R8 Professional Success. A huge difference when carrying the rifle for long hours and in difficult terrain.

The elegant and ergonomic one-piece stock is manufactured by hand and offers the ideal thermal stability due to the end-to-end orientation of the fibers. The surface of the carbon stock is also protected by a UV layer for protection against the harshest environmental conditions.

One of the key features of the R8 series is its straight pull action that eliminates unnecessary movement. Unlike rotary bolts, this unique design offers speed and versatility unmatched in conventional rifles, combined with a shorter overall length compared to traditional rifles with ideal balance and weight distribution. In order to keep the overall length of the rifle shorter, the system also combines a detachable box magazine and trigger assembly into a single unit. The barrel (including the chamber) is cold hammer forged for better accuracy. 

The Blaser safety system allows the gun to be carried un-cocked, which reduces the possibility of a negligent discharge if the gun is dropped. The safety is pushed forward to cock the rifle.

The R8 Carbon Success comes standard with Cocoa colored leather inlays, but other leather color options are available.

For more information visit the Blaser website