From Blaser for ladies: F16 Intuition and R8 Intuition

New from Blaser, the F16 Intuition and R8 Intuition are hitting the market. Already presented at IWA 2017, their particularity is that they are designed specifically for women. 

The Blaser F16 Intuition shotgun
The Blaser F16 Intuition is a shotgun that is tailored to the needs of the huntress and sportswomen.

Directly derived from the “normal” 12/76 ga. F16, the F16 Intuition forms the ideal basis for a shotgun that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the huntress and sportswomen. Its specially shaped, compact Monte Carlo stock with a length of 350 mm (13,78”) and reduced pitch angle, provides the huntress with optimum target acquisition and perfect fit, so that ladies can comfortably rest their face against the stock to get into the optimal shooting position. Due to the shorter stock the distance between the pistol grip and trigger as well as the distance between the butt plate and trigger is reduced. The pistol grip is also finer to better accommodate female hands. 

The low profile of the receiver - that Blaser claims to be the lowest in its class - is also a great help, since shoulders and neck will be relaxed allowing better movement from any shooting position. The F16 Intuition is available in the Game and Sporting variants, whereby the Sporting variant features a trigger which is adjustable in length. The barrel length is 71 cm or 76 cm (28" or 30") for tha F16 Game Intuition and 76 cm or 81  cm (30" or 32") for the F16 Sporting Intuition. 

Both are equipped with  the Blaser Comfort Recoil Pad. The Sporting Intuition comes with a stock balancer system and optional barrel balancer that allows the adjustment of weight distribution to suit your personal needs. 

The Blaser R8 Intuition rifle
The Blaser R8 Intuition is derived from the standard R8 bolt action rifle.

The Blaser R8 Intuition 

Like its “normal” counterpart, the Blaser R8 Intuition is a bolt action rifle but the new versions takes into account a woman’s proportions with its optimally designed Monte Carlo stock (length: 350 mm/13,78”). It maximizes comfort and provides ample surface area for a proper cheek weld to the stock. The R8 Intuition is available in all models featuring a wooden stock. 

Prices for the F16 Intuition shotgun are from € 2,985 (Game version) and from € 3,270 (Sporting version). Prices for the R8 bolt action rifle have not been communicated yet.

For more information please visit Blaser website.