Benelli Endurance Comfortech 3: new design, new trigger, light weight and durability for driven hunting

With spring comes back the time to test new guns presented on the market and ready for the arrival of the next hunting season. One of the most eagerly awaited ones by wild boar hunters is undoubtedly the new version of Benelli's Endurance semi-automatic rifle, which we had the opportunity to test during the annual Benelli Hunting Test Adventure.

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Benelli Endurance Comfortech 3 semi-automatic rifle: features

Even faster in shouldering and compact for shooting in the woods, the Endurance Comfortech 3 has been revamped both aesthetically and structurally. The receiver, now redesigned, is even more ergonomic and lighter, the lower section being slimmer near the magazine well. This aspect, combined with the barrel lightening, optimizes the overall balance of the rifle. Fitted with a technopolymer recoil pad, practical and durable in any environment, the Endurance features the advanced Comfortech 3 recoil reduction system that thanks to the stock polyurethane foam chevrons reduces the negative effects of felt recoil on the hunter's shoulder. Not only that: the soft recoil pad and comb pad provide comfortable contact surfaces for your shoulder and cheek to make aiming and concentration easier, while also reducing facial impact and vibrations caused by firing. Additional innovations that help make the Endurance a rifle that is both accurate and practical in action are the new design of the bolt handle, which is intuitive to the touch thanks to its increased size and checkered surface, and the revised trigger, which has been lightened to 1.8 kg.

Available in all most popular calibers, with an overall weight of 3.3 kg and equipped with Crio barrels, the new Endurance is ideal for driven hunting.

Completing the ergonomics of the rifle is the AirTouch checkering for a more secure grip while avoiding excessive hand sweating thanks to the special design. As always, for further stock adjustments and customizations, Benelli provides a shim kit. The weight of the new Endurance with 56-cm barrel is 3.3 kg and adds to the rifle's easy handling in driven hunts.

The gas-operated system includes Benelli's BE.ST treatment that prevents corrosion from firing gases and ensures durability and functionality over time. Endurance's Crio barrels are available in different lengths depending on caliber, equipped with muzzle thread and thread cap for the possible mounting of muzzle brakes. Available barrels are 51 cm (.30-06 Sprg., .308 Win., .300 WM); 56 cm (.30-06 Sprg., 9.3x62); 61 cm (.300 WM) with M14x1 muzzle thread (.30-06 Sprg., .308 Win., .300 WM); M15x1 (9.3X62). Turning to the sights, the Endurance is fitted with the driven hunting carbon fiber rib with two fiber-optic rear inserts and a high-visibility, fiber-optic, height-adjustable front sight. Along the surface of the receiver there are rail attaching points for scopes or red dots. 2/3/4/5-round detachable double-stack box magazines are available.

Benelli Endurance Comfortech 3 test impressions

Firing the first test shots at the running boar, we immediately noticed the good handling of the rifle, which is soft on the shoulder and stable on target.

On the shooting range, the Benelli staff provided me with an Endurance Comfortech 3 in .308 Winchester fitted with Steiner Ranger driven hunting scope. Using the 5-round magazine, I decided to fire the first two shots on the stationary boar silhouette at a distance of 50 yards to test the rifle's trigger and recoil, the next 3 rounds being shot at the moving target. Preparing firmly to fire the first shots I was pleasantly surprised by the gun smoothness that finds me all too stiffly waiting for the shot release. 

The two shots land nicely and close together on the target, also confirming the rifle's accuracy and stability. At this point, with more confidence I gave the go-ahead to the running boar, shouldering the rifle very naturally and firing two close shots at the first run. For the silhouette's back run in the opposite direction, I decided to wait for the wild boar in a resting position, trying to instinctively shoulder the rifle to simulate the typical shot at moving game in the woods with the last rounds. The result was a well-placed and compact group where all shots reached the vital areas of the small boar silhouette reproduced by the target. The new trigger is not just smooth, but also crisp and allowed me to shoot comfortably. The fully manageable recoil too allows you to stay focused while following the target movement. Shooting fun ensured and accuracy test passed, only the excitement produced by the sight of an incoming boar can cause a miss with the new Endurance – We will be back to tell you more.

Benelli Endurance Comfortech 3 specs and price

Endurance Comfortech 3
.30-06 Springfield, .308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, 9.3x62
Receiver Material/Finish:

Ergal/black anodized
Buttstock with ComforTech 3 system and ComTech comb pad. Technopolymer buttstock and forend, AirTouch checkering and sling swives
Stock LOP/Cast:
350 mm ± 2 mm with short recoil pad adjustable to 360 mm ± 2 mm with medium recoil pad and to 370 mm ± 2 mm with long recoil pad. Adjustable left and right cast
2/3/4/5-round, detachable, double-stack; 10-round double-stack (optional)
3,300 gr (w/ 56 cm barrel)
Rifle assembled and packaged in cardboard box, drop adjustment kit, sling swivels, safety rules and warranty manual, Ben Oil
Trigger Pull Weight:
Lightened, 1.8 kg
Price (MSRP in Italy):
1,965 euro including VAT

For more information on the Endurance Comfortech 3 semi-automatic rifle visit the Benelli website.

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