Benelli Argo E Fluted: a new rifle for driven hunts

The new product introduced by Benelli is a semi-automatic rifle with fluted barrel, a particular innovation that increases its rigidity and the ability to better dissipate barrel heat. 

Benelli Argo E Fluted: new features

The captivating lines of the Argo E Fluted, with technopolymer stock and fore-end.

Basically, the fluted barrel of the Argo E Fluted improves the gun's ballistic performance and reduces muzzle flip, a characteristic that perfectly suits the purpose for which it was designed: boar hunting.

The Argo E Fluted rifle is also equipped with the ComforTech system integrated into the stock, a Benelli patent that, thanks to cutting-edge technology and materials, is able to absorb a large part of the recoil force. The ComforTech system is distinguished by the presence on both sides of 12 boomerang-shaped slots designed to make the stock more flexible and to absorb the firing impact before it reaches the shooter’s shoulder, while the technopolymer stock and fore-end feature checkering and quick release sling swivel attachments. Comb and recoil pad, made from gel and anatomic polyurethane respectively, are interchangeable according to the shooter's preference and build.

The receiver of the E Fluted is Ergal with a black anodized finish and the rifle is fed from detachable box magazines.

The rifle is gas-operated with a rotating head bold. The gas recovery system, called Argo E, has been renewed in geometry, materials and movements in order to work without jamming. The Argo E Fluted can use detachable box magazines with 2, 4 or 5-round capacity. It is currently available in the two classic and timeless calibers for driven hunting, .308W and .30-06. Finally, the barrel is a Crio type, a cryogenically treated steel whose expansion due to heat and pressure is limited, allowing the barrel to vibrate and expand uniformly on firing. The barrel features a carbon fiber half rib with optic fiber inserts that can be replaced by optics specifically designed for driven hunts.

Benelli Argo E Fluted: technical data


.30-06 Springfield - .308 Winchester
technopolymer with ComforTech system; stock and fore-end: technopolymer with Air Touch checkering 
Recoil pad:

interchangeable, anatomical polyurethane

gas-operated with rotating bolt head, gas recovery group with Argo E system short stroke piston
Receiver finish: 
black anodized Ergal
Stock length trigger measured / deviation: 
350 ± 2 mm with adjustable recoil pad up to 360 mm ± 2 mm with medium pad and up to 370 mm ± 2 mm with long pad. Deviation: adjustable, LH and RH
Drop at comb: 
1.73 in / 44 mm
Drop at heel: 
2.28 in / 58 mm, adjustable at 53, 63, 68

3,350 g approximately with 20 in / 51 cm barrel

box detachable, 4-round; 2 or 5-round optional

ambidextrous, transverse with red ready to shot signal
black anodized technopolymer

carbon fiber half rib with fiber optic inserts, Argo Easy Aim E fiber optic sight

18.5 in / 47 cm Cryo barrel with 4 groove right-handed rifling, muzzle diameter 0.68 in / 17.5 mm; fluted for lightening

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