IWA 2019: The most interesting hunting shotguns and rifles

No matter if rifles or shotguns: we looked around at the most important manufacturers in the industry and here are our personal highlights: No matter if the manufacturer comes from Germany, Italy, USA or anywhere else in the world, too. Here we go to present you our editor's choice:

Blaser: the R8 Ultimate sets new standards

Blaser R8 Ultimate
The Blaser R8 Ultimate sets new standards in terms of functionality and design.

At the IWA Blaser introduces the R8 Ultimate, which was presented for the first time at the Jagd & Hund show in 2019. It should set new standards in terms of functionality and design. The ergonomically improved thumbhole stock ensures safe handling. The adjustable comb, the RDS recoil damping system and last but not least the adjustable recoil pad combine functionality with design to make an excellent working tool for the hunter.

Beretta: A300 Outlander Silver

The Beretta semi-automatic A300 Outlander Silver shotgun in 12 gauge Magnum
The semi-automatic A300 Outlander Silver shotgun in 12 gauge Magnum showcased at IWA 2019.

Among the innovations that the Italian company has brought to IWA is the semi-automatic A300 Outlander Silver shotgun in 12 gauge Magnum. It is a gas-operated gun dedicated to those who are making their debut in the hunting world, a versatile and all-rounder shotgun available with a 61, 66, 71 or 76 cm barrel. The gas recovery system has been redesigned in order to reduce dirt build-up, so that gun cleaning is less frequent than in previous models. The stock is walnut with Microcore recoil pad, the receiver features a nickel-plated finish, the rib is 6x6 with interchangeable front sight. The Mobilchoke-type chokes are internal. The retail price is around 1120 euro.

Sauer hunting guns: new versions for the successful S 404 model

Sauer 404 bolt-action rifle
The Sauer 404 bolt-action rifle now comes with a version featuring an adjustable woodstock.

The uncompromising all rounder – this is how Sauer & Sohn refers to the Sauer 404. For years, this rifle with its classic turn-bolt format, its six solid locking lugs and many other unique innovations in all its variants has been among the top hunting guns. Now comes the successful model with an adjustable woodstock.

The manufacturer placed the complete adjustment mechanism inside. All the outside adjusting screws could be omitted. Another evolution of a near-perfect rifle family form Sauer, developed and produced in Germany.

Merkel: the new Speedster combines a striking look with a very short repeater

Merkel Speedster rifle
The new Merkel Speedster has many interesting features, such as replaceable butt pads, an adjustable cheek piece and an Omega pistol grip.

Reinventing the thumbhole stock: this is the slogan for the Merkel Speedster. Merkel’s repeater features even more extras on board, such as the replaceable butt pads, the adjustable cheek piece, the storage compartment in the pistol grip, etc. etc.

Pretty good, of course, the rifle’s fast action, the super trigger and the quick disassembling. The steep pistol grip with the Omega grip allows even less muscled people to safely master this gun. Moreover, the manual cocking lever is definitely an eye-catcher on every hunt.

Haenel: the Jäger 10 model is now available in eight different variants

Haenel Jäger 10 bolt action rifle
The Haenel Jäger 10 bolt action rifle comes in eight different versions with various stock options, in different calibers and designs.

Behind the Haenel Jäger 10 name hides a whole family of bolt action rifles, which have been known for years. Suited for any kind of hunting, there are now eight different versions of this bolt action rifle, which is available with various stock versions, in different calibers and designs. Including a Jäger 10 Lady Timber for the ladies.

What all versions share is German quality at affordable prices, which makes these guns especially interesting for young hunters. Prices start at just al little more than 1000 euro.

Steyr Arms: a new brand name since the end of 2018 and a real innovation - the Steyr Monobloc

Steyr Arms new Monobloc model
Innovation: on Steyr Arms' new Monobloc model barrel and housing are made from a single piece.

Barrel and housing are made from a single piece - that's the innovation on Steyr Arms' new Monobloc model. Externally it gives the impression of a normal repeater, weighing about 15 percent less than comparable models. Rigidity is higher, which improves safety and reliability.

But there are other highlights in the Monobloc, such as the calfskin inlays and a wide range of possible color combinations. Steyr Arms asks about 4800 euro for the rifle. The traditional brandname "Steyr Mannlicher" is now finally history.

Savage: European premiere at the IWA - Savage Model 110 with Accu-Fit system

Savage Model 110 Tactical Hunter bolt-action rifle
The Savage Model 110 Tactical Hunter is a light bolt-action rifle with length and height-adjustable stock.

Brand new from the USA: Savage Model 110 Tactical Hunter. It’s a light bolt-action rifle with length and height-adjustable stock. Savage‘s AccuFit system gives the hunter even better control. This rifle is now available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester exclusively for the European market.

Designed for hunters in a practical way, the adjustable AccuTrigger, an extra-large bolt handle and two box magazines are included in this bolt-action rifle for the mid-budget hunter.

Krieghoff: still innovative and incredibly fast to operate - the Semprio

The Krieghoff Semprio is still the fastest repeater on the market.

When it comes to speed, the Krieghoff Semprio definitely occupies the pole position. It is still the fastest hunting repeater on the market. With its in-line repeating system, it proves to be very fast when it comes to reloading. Especially on driven hunts, where every moment is precious, the Semprio shows its strengths. 

Add to that the Krieghoff quality, which is worth every single one of the 3755 euros of the recommended price.

Benelli Argo E Fluted: semi-automatic rifle for wild boar hunting

The Argo E Fluted, the new Benelli's semi-automatic rifle for wild boar hunting.

Benelli showcased the Argo E Fluted at the IWA 2019. The fluted barrel of the Argo E Fluted improves the gun's ballistic performance and reduces muzzle flip, a characteristic that perfectly suits the purpose for which it was designed: boar hunting. with the ComforTech system integrated into the stock, a Benelli patent that, thanks to cutting-edge technology and materials, is able to absorb a large part of the recoil force. The receiver of the E Fluted is Ergal with a black anodized finish and the rifle is fed from detachable box magazines. It is currently available in the two classic and timeless calibers for driven hunting, .308W and .30-06.

Caesar Guerini: Italian shotguns with first-class technology and craftsmanship

Caesar Guerini Revenant 20 gauge shotgun
The new Caesar Guerini’s 20 gauge Revenant shotgun is a first-class gun with many refined details.

Revenant - that 's the name of the new Caesar Guerini’s 20 gauge shotgun.t just round 7800 euro it’s certainly no bargain, but the customer gets a first-class gun that knows how to inspire with its technology, quality and beautiful engravings - golden birds in flight, a golden trigger, oil-polished walnut wood, interchangeable chokes and the proven tradition of Italians craftsmanship...

Caesar Guerini is just one of those highly specialized companies that uphold the reputation of Italy’s gunsmithing. The products are available worldwide.

Winchster: the brandnew model Wildcat brings a real innovation to Europe

Winchester Wildcat .22 LR autoloader rifle
The lightweight Winchester .22 LR Wildcat rifle in action.

The new Winchester "Wildcat" small caliber autoloader rifle in.22 Long Rifle has already been able to inspire us at the SHOT Show 2019 in the US. The American rimfire rifle with polymer stock combines a blowback action with a 18” / 457 mm long chromium molybdenum steel barrel.

Unique to the compact, lightweight Winchester Wildcat rifle is that you can disassemble the "Lower Receiver" unit from the "Upper Receiver" with a simple push of a button. A highlight in this market segment.

Browning: with the X-Bolt model, the US manufacturer follows the long-range trend and presents an excellent solution

Browning X-Bolt Pro Carbon hunting rifle
Designed for hunting and sports shooting at longa ranges: Browning X-Bolt Max Long Range rifle.

Browning's X-Bolt Max Long Range: a rifle whose name implies what it is intended for. This gun is suitable for sports shooting or hunting at long ranges and features a striking, black-gray polymer stock with height-adjustable cheek rest and a wide forend.

The buttstock length can be adjusted by means of intermediate layers. Everything on the Browning X-Bolt has been designed to get the maximum ballistic performance out of each cartridge.

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