An IWA for consumers? In June 2021, the new "Hubana" trade fair will be held at Schloss Lembeck with sales and test opportunities

The organizers of IWA OutdoorClassics are now responding to the great demand for consumer fairs for hunters and sport shooters with a new event in Lembeck, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). At Hubana 2021 "tradition and custom meet trends and innovation", as the organizers describe the new fair.

In contrast to IWA OutdoorClassics, the open-air event is aimed at end-users and consumers. Between June 25 and 27, 2021, you will be able to see and try out a wide range of new products on the extensive grounds of the 300-year-old moated castle. The castle grounds even offer enough space for the demonstration of off-road vehicles. In the case of the Hubana, testing does not only concern optics and accessories – at a nearby shooting range, German firearms license owners will have the opportunity to test various guns and ammunition under realistic conditions. A unique advantage, as Rebecca Schönfelder, department manager of IWA OutdoorClassics and Hubana, explains: "If a product passes their personal test, visitors can pay for it and take it with them or place an order".

By the way, due to the great location of the baroque castle complex, Hubana 2021 not only appeals to German hunters, because Schloss Lembeck is located near the borders to France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The KJS Hubertus Recklinghausen  and the Hegering Herrlichkeit Lembeck und Dorsten hunting associations are also looking forward to this event with international flair. The 2,000-member KJS Hubertus Recklinghausen association president, Petra Bauernfeind-Beckmann, told us: “As a regional hunting  community  we  support  events  that  help nurture and protect our customs and traditions, so we are pleased to give our backing  to ‘Hubana –Jagderlebnistage Schloss Lembeck”.

We wish the organizing team of the IWA OutdoorClassics only the best for the Hubana 2021 and hope that the event can take place in the best summer weather and without the current restrictions. After all, Hubana is to be the starting point for a whole series of events in Germany and other European countries. We are very much looking forward to this and hope that we will then have left the pandemic behind us!

Further information about Hubana 2021 can be found on the IWA OutdoorClassics website.

The IWA OutdoorClassics 2021 trade fair, which is only open to trade visitors, will take place on its traditional date in Nuremberg from March 12-15, 2021.

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