Compact and optimized for night-hunting: new Blaser B2 riflescope line

From Blaser, a new riflescope line optimized for night time hunting and designed from the ground up for the use with clip-on technology, the B2 riflescopes. 

Three B2 models will be available
Three B2 models will be available: from top, the B2 1-6x24 iC, the B2 2-12x50 iC and the B2 2.5-15x56 iC. 

Clip-on devices are today a must, for example when hunting wild boar at night. B2's compact design allows a clip-on attachment to be operated very comfortably while the rifle is shouldered. To achieve this, the overall length of the B2s is up to four centimeters shorter than comparable scopes. The short overall length ensures that the rifle’s center of gravity is not shifted forward unnecessarily. 

Another advantage of the compact design is the short range of motion of the zoom system’s movable lenses which results in improved mechanical precision and a more stable point of impact when changing magnification. Ruggedness is another plus here: additional stress on the scope when shooting with a clip-on device is compensated by the mechanical robustness of B2 scopes. The flip cover for the lens also offers a special practical hunting advantage. "

Thanks to a special cutout, the flip covers can remain on the scope when a clip-on at-tachment is used," says Blaser CEO, Christian Socher, " and it reliably ensures that the attachment is always aligned with repeat accuracy." 

Blaser B2 riflescopes: the night hunting specialists

the Blaser B2 Ocular Flip Cover with iC
In combination with the Blaser B2 Ocular Flip Cover with iC, the Blaser B2 riflescopes offer the ingenious possibility to transfer the automatic activation of the illuminated reticle (Illumination Control) to all rifle types and makes.

Three models will be available for purchase in February, the B2 1-6x24 iC, the B2 2-12x50 iC and the B2 2.5-15x56 iC. The 1-6x24 iC is intended for driven hunting or stalking; the B2 2-12x50 iC is designed for stalking or for high seat hunting, and the larger 2.5-15x56 iC scope is perfect for the high seat or for long range shooting. All B2 models are ideally suited for night-hunting with clip-on devices, of course.

The B2 series riflescopes are characterized by a silky matte black finish, which distinguishes them from the existing Blaser Optics Premium Line B1 at first glance. More than this, while all previous Blaser B1 riflescopes (B1 1-7x28 iC, B1 2.8-20x5 iC and B1 4-20x58 iC) offer the ultra-fine precision reticle in the first focal plane, the new B2 line – with a 30 mm diameter tube – has the fine, daylight bright illuminated 4A reticle (fiber optics) reticle in the second focal plane. "This was only possible because we succeeded in reducing possible point-of-impact shifts to an absolute minimum through the especially short and compact design," explains Socher.

B2 riflescopes also offer the possibility to transfer the automatic activation of the illuminated reticle (Illumination Control, that is the automatic switching on of the reticle before the shot) to all rifle types and makes. A small magnet is in fact built into the flip cap. When the flip cover is opened, the reticle is automatically switched on. When the rear cap is closed, the reticle is switched off again.

Other highlights of the B2 models include a 6x zoom, transmission values of 94% (day) and 92% (night), a robust aluminum tube body and hydrophobic lenses. As with all Blaser riflescopes, the turret can be locked at the zero position and at 4 clicks high (most recommended distance) to avoid any unintentional adjustment.

According to the manufacturer, even under rough hunting conditions, the riflescope and clip-on device can be connected quickly and easily in just a few steps with 100% repeatability. Prices for the new Blaser B2 riflescopes range from 1669 euro for the B2 1-6x24 iC, up to 1939 euro for the B2 2.5-15x56 iC, the B2 2-12x50 iC being priced at 1889 euro (as usual, prices may vary in different countries due to VAT and import duties).

Blaser B2 riflescopes specs

1-6x24 iC
2-12x50 iC
2.5-15x56 iC
Objective Lens Diameter:
9.8 - 24 mm
19.6 - 50 mm
24.5 - 56 mm
Exit Pupil:
9.8 - 4 mm
9.8 - 4.2 mm
9.8 - 3.7 mm9.8 - 3.7 mm
Eye Relief:
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
Diopter Adjustment:
-3 / +2 dpt
-3 / +2 dpt
-3 / +2 dpt
Field of View (at 100 m):
40 - 6.7 m
20 - 3.3 m
16 - 2.6 m
Nitrogen Filled:
4 m
4 m
4 m
Elevation / Windage at 100 m
±150 / ±150 cm
±125 / ±125 cm
±125 / ±60 cm
Adjustment per Click
1 cm / 100 m
1 cm / 100 m
1 cm / 100 m
Parallax Adjustment
100 m fix
100 m fix
50 m - ∞
Overall Length
273 mm
330 mm
327 mm
Weight without / with Inner Rail
590 / 615 g
735 / 760 g
800 / 825 g
1669 euro
1889 euro
1939 euro
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