Thermal imaging premiere at Swarovski: the tM 35 thermal imaging hand-held and clip-on device is available now

Swarovski enters the thermal optics market with an easy-to-use and rugged device.

In an online press conference on October 13, 2021, Swarovski introduced its first thermal imaging device: the tM 35. The timing was not chosen at random, of course, with Chief Marketing Officer Stefan Hämmerle explaining: "For us, now is the right time to enter this market. Thermal imaging technology has reached the necessary level of maturity. In combination with our optical and mechanical know-how, we can offer a novel, absolutely high-quality product from it."

The new device comes as a combination device for both observation and hunting. It offers the hunter a whole range of innovative features: from an automatic switch on and off function to guaranteed repeatability when switching between the application areas. But let's take a closer look at the device.

The new Swarovski tM 35 thermal sight in detail

Side view of the new Swarovski tM 35. The tMA clamping adapter is already mounted in the picture. 

"Concentrating on the essentials": this sentence represented one of the guiding principles at the presentation of the new tM 35. And the exterior of the new dual-use thermal imaging device already bears witness to this, as there are only four buttons here. With these, the device can be fully operated in each of the two application modes. But this is not absolutely necessary: Swarovski has equipped the tM 35 with a tilt sensor and a motion sensor. These ensure that the device only switch on when really needed. In this way, the hunter not only saves power and thus preserves battery life, but also avoids unnecessary light due to an always activated display. The latter does not have to be configured by the user even when it is switched on. This is because the brightness is also adjusted automatically, depending on the environment conditions. As far as we know, the tM 35 does not have a video recording or photo function. Power is supplied by a replaceable, proprietary rechargeable battery called RB tM 35. The special thing about it is that the battery compartment cover is part of the energy storage. Thus, losing it is impossible on the one hand, and on the other hand, it makes it easier to replace it in the dark.

The Swarovski tM 35 for observation

The tm 35 performs three of the four tasks of detecting, observing, identifying and shooting aid in observation mode. Here, the magnification is 4x35, which should enable accurate identification of the game. For better visibility in different situations, Swarovski has equipped the device with "Black Hot" and "White Hot" color modes. Incidentally, observation is also possible with the attached scope mount adapter (see below). By adjusting the image in the clip-on mode, the device also compensates for the changed interpupillary distance.

With the tM 35, Swarovski wants to offer hunters a universal solution for hunting in poor visibility conditions. 

The new Swarovski thermal imaging device tm 35 as a clip-on device

The Swarovski tM 35 is compatible with all Swarovski and Kahles riflescopes. Absolute repeatability is guaranteed during assembly. 

Once the hunter has detected and identified the game, he/she can also use the new tM 35 for the actual shot. To do this, simply mount it onto the riflescope. Twisting is basically impossible, as the protruding battery compartment ensures correct orientation. The lever of the adapter is then closed – done. Swarovski guarantees 100 percent repeatability. There are tMA clamping adapters, as the manufacturer calls them, available for most Swarovski and Kahles riflescopes.  Provided that the outer diameter of the scope is the same, however, the device can also be used on optics from third-party manufacturers. Of course, Swarovski then naturally assumes no warranty for the functionality and especially the repeatability.

According to Swarovski, special importance was attached to the tM 35's durability. Thus, it functions in temperature ranges between -15 and +50 degrees Celsius. The IP 68 protection class ensures reliable waterproofing. And, as with the company's riflescopes, it has been subjected to extensive shock resistance tests.

Swarovski tM 35 thermal imaging device specs and price

Model:Swarovski tM 35
Type: Dual-use thermal imager
Price:from 4,800 euro (RRP)
Sensor Resolution:320x256 @ 12µm
Objective:35 mm f1.1
Frame rate:60 Hz
Magnification:Optical: 1x; Digital: 4x
Sensor Resolution:2560x2048
Weight:495 g
Dimensions (LxWxH):174x50x80 cm
Features:M44x0.75 thread, rechargeable and exchangeable battery: Li-lon 3000 mAh, seven hours operating time, certified according to IP68

Availability and price of the Swarovski tM 35 – now available!

Hunters can buy the new dual use thermal imaging device in the selected specialized trade. RRP is 4,800 euros – but price may be different in your country due to VAT and import duties. For this, the buyer not only gets the device itself, but also a round accessories package. This includes the battery, the charger, a micro USB charger, a pouch (where the optionally available clamp adapter can also be found), an eyecup, a carrying strap and a wrist strap. A spare battery also comes for 69 euros, and the clever clamping adapter for mounting on the scope costs 220 euros, regardless of the diameter. The device is not yet available in online stores. 

We are already looking forward to our ordered test device, which we expect shortly. Then our practical test with video will follow.

For more information on the new tM35 and other products please visit the Swarovski Optik website.

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