GECO 1-5x24i: the entry-level riflescope for driven hunts under test

When you think of GECO brand you think first and foremost of ammunition. But this time we took a closer look at one of the new target optics from GECO. For ammunition we had the powerful RWS Evolution Green in 10,3x68 Mag. caliber at our disposal. GECO also has a long tradition in optics: already in the 1930s, Gustav Genschow & Co. (GECO) sold binoculars under the well-known brand. Today, GECO provides a constantly growing range of observation optics and riflescopes of high optical and mechanical quality – and that with an excellent price-performance ratio.

GECO divides its optics into 3 ranges: GECO line for the beginner, GECO Gold for the demanding hunter, and GECO Black for sports and dynamic shooting. The 1-5x24i falls into the entry-level category of GECO scopes. However, as with the observation optics of the German manufacturer, the entry-level class already attracts positive attention with its high-quality workmanship.

GECO 1-5x24i rifle scope on Blaser R8 side view
With the 1-5x24i, GECO offers a successful entry into high-quality target optics – at a very fair price.

GECO divides its optics into 3 ranges: GECO line for the beginner, GECO Gold for the demanding hunter, and GECO Black for sports and dynamic shooting. The 1-5x24i falls into the entry-level category of GECO scopes. However, as with the observation optics of the German manufacturer, the entry-level class already attracts positive attention with its high-quality workmanship.

That's because even in the lower price segment GECO strives for an unbeatable fair pricing without having to cut corners in the optical performance. And GECO optics are also very interesting for young hunters. In GECO standard series the design is pleasantly compact too – especially with a driven hunter's scope like the 1-5x24i. The construction is designed for durability thanks to high-quality materials. GECO gives a full 5-year warranty on its optics (in the Gold class it's even 10 years). The optical and mechanical performance should be unrivaled in this low-price range.

To check whether the manufacturer lives up to its motto "GECO - All You Need", we fitted the GECO 1-5x24i riflescope to a Blaser R8 Professional Success and took it with us on the shooting range.

GECO 1-5x24i: a riflescope for driven and walked-up hunts

The adjustment turrets of the GECO 1-5x24i riflescope 
In the standard class GECO also scores points with high-quality design and good usability. The adjustment tuttets click well and can be handled reliably and comfortably.

The GECO 1-5x24i is a scope designed primarily for driven and walked-up hunts and doesn't require very high zoom factors. The riflescope overall shortness and the compact main tube diameter result in a very low weight, which makes handling and aiming, even on fast fleeing game, immensely easier. This resulted in a slightly amusing contrast on the shooting range, because we aimed so pleasantly and smoothly, only to be surprised by the power of the RWS 10.3x68 Mag.

GECO 1-5x24i scope eyepiece detail
The proven GECObright technology ensures good light transmission even in twilight. The extended field of view provides a good overview.

Thanks to "GECOdot" the field of view remained clear even at 5x magnification. Target coverage is pleasantly small. For a long battery life, GECO typically provides an intelligent automatic switch-off system. GECO eyecups are made from high-quality aluminum, even in the entry-level class. All in all, the riflescope looks very valuable and is provided with an attractive finish.

Operation was quick and comfortable. As with all new GECO hunting riflescopes, elevation and target turrets are combined in one. In addition, the shooter always has an optimal overview of the hunting ground due to the large field of view. Even a look through the riflescope in the evening in low light conditions showed us that the GECObright technology does its job: safe game identification should not be a problem here either. For an optic in this price range, this is anything but self-evident.

GECO 1-5x24i riflescope specs

Hunting riflescope
Main Tube Diameter:30 mm
Field of view at 100 m:
37.0 - 6.0 m
10.2”/260 mm
19.4 oz/550 g
Price:699 euro (price may vary in your country)

GECO 1-5x24i riflescope specs

GECO 1-5x24i riflescope mounted on a Blaser R8
An enormously powerful combination: the GECO 1-5x24i from the standard line was delivered to us fitted to a very special Blaser R8. RWS developed the 10.3x68 mm caliber exclusively for Blaser.

GECO 1-5x24i riflescope: wrap-up

The GECO 1-5x24i riflescope is the ideal companion for walked-up hunts. This flexible optic is particularly suitable for driven hunting too. Thanks to its 5x zoom, it allows for quick follow-up shots at medium and long ranges.

In view of the optic's high-quality workmanship, such a typical GECO price-performance ratio is hardly to be found. Therefore, especially young hunters can use it without hesitation. With the GECO 1-5x24i you have a reliable companion for a safe shot at your side. This flexible scope is ideal for fast driven hunts with frequent changes of position and the need to be able to capture moving targets easily and quickly.

Our combination including the GECO 1-5x24i riflescope and a Blaser R8 Professional Success rifle loaded with RWS Evolution Green ammo in 10.3x68 Mag. was a real pleasure to test. Not everyone may need this enormous firepower – but in any case, it will stop even the biggest wild boar on the spot.

You can find more information about the GECO optics directly on the GECO website.

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