Premiere for Norma in the USA: a new brand design and many new products for 2019

Norma ammunition brand was founded in 1902 and has a long tradition in hunting and sporting ammo, both in Europe and the USA. Norma has been part of the international RUAG Ammotec Group for many years. For 2019, a lot has been planned – especially in the US. It goes without saying that the world's largest trade show SHOT Show is the perfect place to showcase what the future of Norma will look like. We were there for you and talked to those responsible.

What's new from Norma for the US and Europe?

These are the new packs from Norma. Here, the brand new Bondstrike ammo.

The new Norma Bondstrike hunting ammunition features a full redesign with polymer tip and boat-tail projectile, which is well-known for match long-range ammunition. This combination is a true innovation. It has been designed from the ground up for long-range accuracy and excellent performance. Norma engineers  developed a new and unique bonding technology to maximize weight retention that works perfectly, especially when hunting at long ranges. The Bondstrike Extreme by Norma will be officially launched in March 2019 for Europe at the IWA – we will report further details and availability from there. The planned caliber range includes .300 Win. Mag., .300 WSM, .30-06 and .308 Win. 

In addition to the new Bondstrike line, at the SHOT Show 2019 Norma also showcased for the USA the already well-known versions of the Norma Ecostrike (unleaded) and Tipstrike cartridges. All Norma's hunting ammo say "Advanced Ammunition for Hunting Success" – that's all there is to tell. Except perhaps that all packs have been adapted to the new, modern brand design. The premiere for Europe will then follow at the beginning of March 2019 at the IWA. A new, very eye-catching and user-friendly website is already available in the USA – at present it can be reached from the US only, because there is also some news from Norma in the handgun sector, which will later find their way to Europe. Norma's new international website for Europe will be premiered at the IWA.

Norma new handgun ammunition for the US market only in 2019

The new Norma MHP in 9mm Luger is intended for self-defense. It will be available from spring 2019 in the USA only.

Norma had already produced pistol and revolver ammunition for the USA in the past. The company will take it up again in 2019 because the US market undoubtedly promises the world's greatest potential. Whether and when these products will find their way to Europe is not yet known – certainly not in 2019.

The first new handgun ammunition is the Norma MHP (Monolithic Hollow Point). This is a 9mm load with a 108 gr copper bullet. The special thing about it is its construction, with massive expansion and great stopping power. There is even talk of the "world's most expanding" 9 mm. Thus, the US typical label is specified: for self defense and home protection.

The new Norma ENVY 9mm ammunition has been specially developed for pistol carbines in 9x19mm. Available from the second quarter of 2019 and currently only in the US market.

The second new 9mm offering is the Norma ENVY. A special cartridge for pistol caliber carbines featuring the highest accuracy, this ammo is a complete redesign of a 124 gr FMJ load. So sport shooting with pistol carbines should be even more fun, because accuracy is simply outstanding. Anyone who knows Norma knows that this promise is taken very seriously.

Both types of ammunition will start shipping in the spring of 2019 in the US. In addition, there are many more Norma news for the US and Europe that we will report on later.

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